University of Sydney - Virtual Reality Tours, Student Social Media Takeovers, and Snapchat at Orientation

Is that a wombat?

April 13, 2017

The University of Sydney is massive. As Australia's first university, they enroll 60,000 students and have 300,000 alumni in more than 170 countries. And, even though they've been around for quite some time, they are clearly not afraid of trying new things when it comes to digital engagement.

Virtual Reality Tour

Whoever did the audio mix for the 360 degree virtual reality tour for the University of Sydney should win an award. If sound were edible, this would be delicious. I first tried the tour on my widescreen desktop display. It's okay when viewed on the big screen, but it truly shines when you experience it using a mobile device. It's one of the best virtual reality tour experiences that I've ever seen.

Student Social Media Takeovers

It's almost standard operating procedure these days for university communications to be taken over by students and/or staff on a regular basis. Crowdsourced content adds something new and vibrant to the overall university digital engagement mix. The University of Sydney is using Snapchat as a vehicle for this type of community generated content.

Snapchat at Orientation and Open Days

For Orientation Week in March, new students were encouraged to snap and share their experience. In August, the university is incorporating a Snapchat treasure hunt as part of their Open Day.

One of the most important aspects of how social media is being used at the University of Sydney is how everything is done at a very high level.

From student-run social media takeovers; Snapchat content and contests for orientation and open days; and a super smooth VR campus tour, the university really shines with its overall digital engagement presence. Check out their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, too.





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