What Makes a Dream Job?

Building a position that fits

August 25, 2016
What makes a dream job?

What makes a dream job?

Because my current job is unlike any other position that I've had in my career, I often think about what my dream job would be if I were to go back to a more conventional organizational role. It's a "what if" scenario that's always interesting to think about given that I've taken a unique career path.

Do we ever actually have a dream job or is it something that's always just slightly unattainable? A goal, out of reach, motivating you, pushing you forward in your career...

It seems to me that there are two halves to a dream job: what you do for your job and what your job does for you.

What you do for your job are all of the required elements that have to be met, maintained, created, advanced, elevated, taught, and managed in order to be successful.

What your job does for you are all of the perks that make up the position including things like salary, location, title, autonomy, opportunities for growth, prestige, advancement, and a benefits package.

Have you ever had a dream job?

A dream job would presumably have to match up with a lot of career components. It would have to include quality colleagues as well as fulfilling positional expectations. Most of us wouldn't say that "we are our jobs," but perhaps a dream job would shift that notion. Alignment of professional/personal goals, abilities, organizational culture, financial needs (wants?), and room to breathe all seem like essential elements for a dream job.

What would you need in order for a position to be your dream job?

Components of my dream job (based within a higher education context as I really do love working within this environment) would include: creative autonomy, career development, academic advising, organizational change, teaching, strategic communications, learning technology, digital literacy/capability, and social media.

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