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My Goals for EDUCAUSE 2012
November 6, 2012 - 11:00pm

What are your goals for EDUCAUSE 2012?  

What do you hope to learn at the conference?   

What insights and information do you hope to take back to your campus?

How does the EDUCAUSE conference fit in with your career and professional goals?

For me, this year's EDUCAUSE is all about leadership and change. I'm trying to understand the role that our educational technology community can play in transforming higher education.   

The questions that I'll be asking as I participate in the EDUCAUSE conference over the next 3 days will be along the lines of:

  • What qualities and skills are present in edtech leaders who have had success in making strategic changes at their institutions?
  • How do leaders in our discipline approach the task of using technology as a lever to make lasting and meaningful change along dimensions of quality, access, and costs?
  • Where do the thought leaders in our discipline believe that change needs to occur in higher ed, and what are their plans to lead this change?
  • How do edtech leaders create a culture of innovation and experimentation on their campuses?
  • What are the most efficacious routes for educational technology leaders to gain a seat at the strategic decision making tables?
  • How do leaders outside of academe, people working for companies and non-profits, approach the task of change and improvement in higher ed?

I'm actually not even sure if our community agrees on the challenges that we all face? Is it our responsibility to participate in efforts to lower the costs of higher education? To increase access?  

In my career the focus so far has been primarily on utilizing technology as a lever to improve educational quality. My focus has not been on the potential of technology to improve productivity in higher ed (which I think of as improving quality while lowering costs).   

What sorts of leaders will our discipline need to develop, and what sorts of cultures and structures will we need to put in place, to meet the challenges of innovating to drive productivity in postsecondary education?



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