What’s New at University of Venus? 14 April 2012

What’s New at UVenus:

April 12, 2012

What’s New at UVenus:

●        Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe for University of Venus at The Guardian with What Would You Teach if You Could Teach Anything?

●        If you missed our recent #femlead Twitter chat on Sponsorship and led by Jo VanEvery, you can catch up by reading through the archives on Storify.


What’s New With Our Writers:

●       Janni Aragon attended the International Studies Association ( #isa2012 #genderingISA ) and gave two presentations. One on the Teaching Innovations in Feminist International Relations  and the other on Writing Op-Eds. With both presentations she was able to speak to feminisms, gender, and social media.

●        Deanna England presented her paper on Slutwalks at the University of Winnipeg Women and Gender Studies conference last weekend, as a result is now part of a feminist book club - because apparently she doesn’t already have enough reading to do.

●        Mary Churchill and other members of the Education District Committee met with Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino to discuss priorities for Boston’s new Education District in Dudley Square in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.



Our Writers At Other Blogs:

●        Janni Aragon commented on Students and Email and also commented in two parts about an anti-bullying workshop she attended

●        Melonie Fullick discussed #DayOfHigherEd, and also Canada’s new Senate Committee report on post-secondary accessibility, at her blog Speculative Diction.


Coming Up:

●         #Femlead Twitter chat on Public Engagement, Higher Education, and Women’s Leadership, led by Mary Churchill (@mary_churchill) on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 from 2-230pm EDT.


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