What’s New at University of Venus - Week Ending 29 October 2011

UVenus Around the Web:

October 30, 2011

UVenus Around the Web:


What’s New With Our Writers:

  • Janni Aragon is sitting on the Dec 6th Memorial Planning Committee and is making connections across campus. (challenge)
  • Lee Skallerup Bessette launches College Ready Writing at Inside Higher Ed! College Ready Writing: a blog about education, higher ed, teaching, and trying to re-imagine how we provide education.Lee’s blog is mentioned by selloutyoursoul.com as a blog that represents the voice of group (point number 7) in order to create a blog that people actually read.
  • Mary Churchill co-hosted a networking event on Mentoring and Managing Graduate Students in the STEM disciplines. (challenge)
  • Rosalie Arcala Hall was designated University of the Philippines Scientist 1. The competitive three year award  was granted because of the prodigious amount of peer-reviewed publication output she produced from 2005-2010. She is one of five awardees from the University of the Philippines Visayas and the first social scientist in the University of the Philippines System to be given the award.


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Coming Up:

  • Mary Churchill is co-hosting a networking event: Building International Collaboration: Advancing Women’s Leadership in the STEM disciplines on Tuesday, November 1.(challenge)


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