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November 6, 2011

UVenus Around the Web:


What’s New With Our Writers:

  • Janni Aragon was interviewed by The Victoria News, CTV News and the Times Colonist about the upcoming municipal elections in Victoria, BC Canada. Janni also made major progress with her Empire State collaborator, Dr. Himanee Gupta, on the class they are collaborating on for next Summer 2012. Gupta’s class is about Digital Storytelling and Aragon’s is Youth Politics. The students will blog together and respond to one anothers assignments, as well as communicate via Skype.
  • Lee Skallerup Bessette did a session on Argument/Persuasive essays for local high school teachers on November 5th through the Morehead Writing Project.
  • On November 1, Mary Churchill led a networking session on Building International Collaboration: Advancing Women’s Leadership with the International Visitor Leadership Program: Women’s Innovations in Science and Engineering (WISE): A Regional Project for North Africa (sponsored by the Office of International Visitors, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.). Participants included distinguished women in the sciences from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, and Oman.
  • Deanna England attended the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies conference in Vancouver, BC November 3-5.



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Coming Up:

  • Rosalie Arcala Hall will present her paper entitled “No More Guns: External Assistance for Post-Conflict Rebuilding in Mindanao” at the Fifth Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA) Congress in Taichung, Taiwan on 24-25 November 2011. Rosalie was awarded a 50% travel subsidy by the conference organizers and a supplementary travel grant by Asia-Phil, a network of academic organizations and individuals in the Philippines espousing Asian studies.


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