A MOOC Critic Offers Postmortem

February 13, 2017

The More or Less Bunk blog, by Jonathan Rees, professor of history at Colorado State University at Pueblo, has featured consistent criticism of massive open online courses, even when MOOCs were all the rage. Last week, he declared victory in offering a postmortem of MOOCs. He does not deny that entities that were once called MOOCs are very much alive, but he argues that they are shifting so much to corporate training that they no longer threaten higher education in the way he and others once feared. Writes Rees: "At best, MOOCs were a distraction. At worst, MOOCs were a chronic condition designed to drain the patient of life-giving revenue. Instead, those schools could have used that revenue (as well as its initial investments) for other purposes, like paying all their faculty a living wage." The full post may be found here.



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