Development/fund raising

A Meeting of Humanistic Minds

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Session on state of the humanities emphasizes solutions and humor over hand wringing.

Show Us the Money

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When it comes to endowments, most colleges don't tell students and alumni how they spend funds, survey finds.

Billions to Spare

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Harvard alumni preparing for 25th reunion decide alma mater's endowment doesn't need support, but African students do.

Shilling for Dictators?

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Noted expert on Eurasia, accused of being apologist for tyrants, sees McCarthy-like attack on his views.

A Withdrawn Gift Rankles at Harvard

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University officials question Oracle chief's decision to abandon $115 million pledge and blame on Summers's departure.

Building Up College Towns

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Universities with varying budgets look to mixed-use developments off campus to attract students and professors. 

BMW Professors

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Auto company not only finances exceptionally lucrative endowed chairs at Clemson, but interviews all finalists.

Defaulting Donor

Smart Title: 

Executive who promised millions to three dental colleges reneges, forcing students to find money to pay tuition.

Silver Spoon Admissions

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Naming names (not to mention GPA's and SAT scores), new book takes on preferences for the rich and famous -- and alumni children.

Institutional Leadership 101

Smart Title: 

Trustees' association releases report that outlines best practices for college presidents and trustees.


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