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Getting Past the Gatekeeper

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A college official charged with making sure faculty degrees are legitimate finds himself doubting the legitimacy of his own doctorate.

Online Campus, Part II: The Spinoff

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University of Illinois proposes seeking independent accreditation for its underperforming Global Campus unit in effort to gain flexibility and expand offerings.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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What happens when boards and presidents quickly fall out of love?

Nonprofit Colleges as Takeover Targets

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Investors are buying traditional institutions -- but the hurdles, including "cultural risks," are many.

Private Conversations

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U. of Toledo professors object as administrators negotiate plan for for-profit company to provide courses in exchange for a share of tuition revenue.

Founder Explains U. of the People

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In podcast interview, Shai Reshef explains his vision for offering low-cost, online degrees -- recognized by U.S. accreditors -- all over the world.

Revolt Against Outsourced Courses

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Students at small state university -- discovering that their university awards credit for classes taught by online, for-profit company -- set off debate on what college instruction should be.

The Sale of Waldorf

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Liberal arts institution, unable to balance budget, will become part of a for-profit, online university. The college will survive and grow, but tenure and the Lutheran affiliation will soon disappear.

Labor College's Deal Questioned

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At many faculty gatherings these days, one hears quips and complaints about for-profit higher education. Professors who value what they consider essential and eroding traditions -- a significant tenure-track faculty and the centrality of the liberal arts, for example -- resent the adjunct-heavy, career-education dominant model of higher education that is widely used in for-profit higher ed. As a result, many faculty advocates are skeptical not only about for-profit higher education, but about the growing number of alliances between nonprofit colleges and for-profit colleges.

Black Mark for BYU

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Brigham Young University's Independent Study program appears to be wildly successful. At any given time, students are taking more than 100,000 high school courses and 22,000 college classes, for a variety of reasons: to get courses out of the way in the summer, finish high school or college early, or improve their performance in classes in which they struggled.


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