The U.S. Senate education committee announced a bipartisan amendment that would permanently fund HBCUs and simplify the FAFSA. Its chances in the House are uncertain, and advocates disagree on whether an HEA authorization will follow.
The College of Health Care Professions, a for-profit in Texas, has solid outcomes for low-income students in health-care fields. How does the model work?
Colleges are increasingly collaborating with students who have large social media followings. Where do the boundaries lie?
Critics fear system will deepen divides among the country's universities.


More information about what works in competency-based programs is needed to inform policy and encourage the growth of this promising form of postsecondary education, writes Charla Long.

Career Advice

Deborah J. Cohan shares lessons she's learned that have helped her write more regularly and publish more often.
Huron, the American Council on Education and the Georgia Institute of Technology surveyed 495 industry leaders to understand how they’re preparing for the future. Download the e-book to explore the four key dimensions of a transformation-ready institution.


The World View

December 4, 2019
Creating “monsters” does not serve us well.

Online: Trending Now

December 4, 2019
Do it yourself is more than just a trend for crafts and home improvements -- it is an ethos that has reached higher education.

Rethinking Higher Education

December 4, 2019
How the "parchment ceiling" has left many learners behind.

University of Venus

December 3, 2019
What I wish I had known.


December 3, 2019
Love, pedagogy and praxis in the college classroom

Just Visiting

December 1, 2019
Students at the University of Cincinnati question their institution's budget and find it wanting.
Cristhiano Silva, Ph.D., holds a postdoctoral fellowship with Chapman University’s Grand Challenges Initiative, where he guides students researching solutions to today’s most pivotal problems. Now, he is working toward a solution in his own field of interest: quantum physics.
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