After controversy over professor who turned down student request for a recommendation because she planned to study in Israel, Michigan says faculty members should base such decisions "solely on educational and professional reasons," not on politics.
Democrats are talking more about how failures happen across the higher education system, not just at for-profit colleges -- their traditional punching bag. So can they agree with Republicans on new standards for all colleges?
An expanded free-college plan in Rhode Island offers an unusual way for a state to promote higher education, giving students the option of either two years of free community college or a scholarship covering their third and fourth years at a state university.
Academics fear global reach of new Singaporean legislation could result in censorship of international academic journals.


Benefits can, in fact, occur when the people involved in consolidations give them a chance, argue Scott Menzel and Russ Olwell.

Career Advice

What you may be feeling could very well be more than simply end-of-the-year exhaustion, advises Beth Godbee.
Higher education institutions recognize the need to optimize resources and reduce operational costs to combat sustainability challenges they face. Aberdeen research has uncovered why, and how, the cloud can support these initiatives. Read their report findings today.


Just Visiting

April 25, 2019
Both of these paths are complicated and potentially risky. Given that, which one resonates more strongly with your values?

Technology and Learning

April 25, 2019
How a little bit of design thinking knowledge is a dangerous thing.

University of Venus

April 24, 2019
I dyed my hair bright red. My daughter, now a full-on tweenager, requested that the bottom half of her waist-length hair be dyed blue.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

April 24, 2019
That TW and I got married.      


April 23, 2019
And helping your professional organization engage better with graduate students.

Library Babel Fish

April 22, 2019
Reading John Wihbey's new book, The Social Fact: News and Knowledge in a Networked World.
The Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research, part of Texas Tech University's College of Education, is launching a mobile autism clinic to bring assistance to underserved, rural communities in West Texas.
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