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Affirmative Action Fight Shifts to UNC

Some issues are similar to those in Harvard case, but Chapel Hill's status as public university -- and some differing strategies -- could affect outcome of the case.

The (Missed) Potential of Transfer Students at Elite Colleges

Community college transfer students succeed academically and bring many kinds of diversity to elite institutions, but report finds few are admitted.

Ruling May Make It Easier to Sue Test Makers

New Jersey judge throws out ACT's binding arbitration clause -- which students must sign to take the exam.

Admissions Tool Survives Antitrust Challenge

Federal judge's ruling in medical school case outlines when antitrust could apply to admissions, and opinion could help with scrutiny some are facing over early decision.

The Week in Admissions News

When aid packages don't add up; M.B.A. application declines; student debt and home ownership; what employers want; for-profit nursing programs.

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