Admissions Insider

Wealth and Admissions

A look at some of the many ways that affluent applicants have an edge -- without bribery.

Just Because It's Legal Doesn't Make It Right

Admissions scandal focuses attention on donations from parents of applicants. Should Congress do something about such philanthropy?

The Week That Shook College Admissions

New details on scandal emerge. Coaches lose jobs. Universities hint that some admitted applicants may lose their places. And a few colleges sense a recruiting opportunity.

A Call for Parents to Behave

Harvard scholars release a new "Turning the Tide" report on admissions at the height of a scandal over alleged misbehavior by those who should know better.

Cornell, Harvard Drop GRE for English Ph.D.

Move goes against the norm for top-ranked doctoral programs.

5 Arrested for TOEFL/Visa Scheme

Those arrested were charged with posing as others to take the test and earn scores to be admitted to colleges.

The Week in Admissions News

Trump's budget; for-profits; income-share agreement.

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