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In which a veteran of cultural studies seminars in the 1990s moves into academic administration and finds himself a married suburban father of two. Foucault, plus lawn care.

April 7, 2008 - 9:54pm
Yesterday I mentioned just how impressed I was by Kay McClenney's panel on the "Bridges to Opportunity" initiative of the Ford Foundation. Although I can't do it justice, a few highlights (and since the facts flew fast and furious, and I may have gotten some of them wrong, anyone in the states mentioned who knows better is invited to comment):
April 7, 2008 - 5:02am
After my first full day at the AACC in Philadelphia, a few observations:
April 3, 2008 - 9:16pm
This weekend I'm firing up the hatchback and heading to scenic Philadelphia to check out (and blog) the American Association of Community Colleges convention. I'm enough of a nerd that I actually consider this exciting.(Any fellow bloggers who'll be in the area and would like to arrange a meet-up, drop me an email.)Further bulletins as events warrant...
April 2, 2008 - 10:23pm
Dr. Crazy has a terrific post about the differences between pseudonymity and anonymity. To oversimplify, pseudonymity attaches a persona to the writing, where anonymity doesn't. Over time, a sustained pseudonym becomes a character, an alter ego, generating reader expectations of relative consistency. Anonymous posts are more like shouts in the dark.
April 1, 2008 - 10:22pm
A frustrated correspondent writes:I work in a service department. Another department, which is a large client of ours, has scoured the records of grades to determine which instructors in our department are easy graders and which are hard graders. They are now advising their students to try to get into the sections taught by the easy graders.
March 31, 2008 - 9:27pm
At dinner last night with The Wife, The Boy, and The Girl:TW: How was CCD today?TB: Good.TW: Did you get to sit next to Kelsey?TB: No, but I got really close.TW: How close?TB: Almost right next to her. She loves me.TW: She does?TB: Mm-hmm.TW: How do you know when a girl loves you?(pause)TB (smiling shyly): They give signs.DD: (snuffled guffaw)TW (accusingly): Did you teach him this?DD: Hey, I'm innocent here.TW: Did Daddy teach you this?TB: No.
March 30, 2008 - 6:46pm
A longtime reader writes:I'll be starting a Ph.D. program in History in the Fall. I know the risks, and I took three years after I got my B.A. to decide whether academic life was really that important to me. In the meantime, though, I've done a number of different jobs. Most recently, I've been substitute teaching in a few local school districts.
March 27, 2008 - 9:27pm
Tim Burke and Chad Orzel have recently posted some helpful thoughts on tenure and its assumptions. This paragraph of Chad's is so good that I'm jealous that I didn't write it:
March 26, 2008 - 10:51pm
An alert reader sent me a link to these articles in the Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle, detailing the goings-on in the Presidential searchat Monroe Community College.I've seen a lot, but this is impressive.
March 25, 2008 - 11:16pm
Every election year, we start to get proposals for various national service programs as ways to pay for college. The basic idea, though the details always vary, is that graduating high school seniors will work for the government for a year or two in a sort of domestic peace corps arrangement, doing fine and worthy things while accruing voucher credits to be used for college tuition.


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