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January 8, 2008
The World's Fair, that is, one of the ScienceBlogs from Seed Media, where the barker always shouts, "All manner of human creativity on display!"
January 7, 2008
Although I've been doing this for some time, I still don't fully understand how course levels are determined. This is particularly true in the social sciences and humanities, where you don't have relatively hard and fast prerequisites to settle the question.Is "Women in Film" properly a 200 level course or a 300 level course? What about "Psychology of Aging" or "Civil Liberties"? More interestingly, how do you know?In my neck of the woods, this is becoming a high-stakes question.
January 7, 2008
Especially when the posting is just a couple of links to fun videos? The videos in this case represent a trend I've been following, which replicates computer effects with human labor. Call it a lashback to technology's capacity to dehumanize. Call it playful. Call it a bucket-load of work for the filmmakers and performers.Here's a ping pong match, done Matrix style, but without CGI effects. Watch to the end; it's worth it.
January 6, 2008
A new correspondent, currently on the administrative job market, writes:
January 3, 2008
An occasional correspondent writes:I have an interview for a job. It will be a big change for me if it works out.Director of Academic (Support Function) at Nearby College. NC is a regional private school that has a good academic reputation. The position will report to the VPAA. I have a friend who teaches there and she likes the VPAA a lot and also knows the other folks the person will interact with and likes them as well. She inquired on my behalf and found that I was already on their short list and our connection helped.
January 3, 2008
More NCAA commentary, as UD prepares for her trip to the organization's annual convention, this from a Canadian writer who urges Quebeckers who qualify for athletic scholarships to avoid the United States:
January 3, 2008
As UD prepares to go to Nashville to blog the annual meeting of the NCAA for Inside Higher Ed (her posts from there will all be here, at her IHE University Diaries blog), she studies every worthwhile source she can find on the phenomenon of college football. She wants to understand. She wants to know as intimately as she can the history and significance of this overwhelming feature of American culture and American universities.
January 2, 2008
"Matriculated" is one of those SAT words that people outside of higher ed administration almost never use. ("Bursar" is another.) It refers to enrollment pursuant to a degree. It's not the same as "enrolled" per se; someone who enrolls in a class or two for personal interest, with no intention of getting a degree, can enroll on a "non-matriculated" basis.
January 2, 2008
Recently I had lunch with a materials science professor, and my family spent New Year’s with an engineer and his family.
January 2, 2008
A few highlights from the holiday break:Words coined by The Girl: hoggy (synonym for piggy); aminal; psghettio's; velcwo (my fave) ***



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