Inside Digital Learning

Doing It Yourself: The ‘Internal OPM’ Model

As concerns about outsourcing ring out across online education, several institutions have carved out niches by developing in-house capacity that resembles OPM functions.

Help Us Help You: What Should We Cover?

Readers, it's your turn: What issues are keeping you up at night? What strategies to adopt? How to encourage and support the faculty? Which products or services to use?

California Mulls Crackdown
on Online Partnerships

Bills targeting for-profit institutions in California would prohibit tuition-sharing deals -- a sign of growing political scrutiny of the role of online program management companies.

Abrupt Departure at Online Learning Consortium

Kathleen Ives, the organization's director since 2013, resigns suddenly and with no explanation. A deputy replaces her.

Trial and Error: Refining Online Courses With Constant Feedback

Struggling to figure out how best to serve students? One professor tried a radical approach: he asked them.

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