How to Talk Science

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At gathering of grad school officials, Alan Alda promotes campaign to teach next generation of researchers how to communicate with the public.

Universities Gain from Licensing Activity

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Annual survey shows slight uptick in technology transfer activity, despite overall economic slowdown.

Picking on Social Science

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House Republicans invite scrutiny of federal funding for social and behavioral sciences. Is anyone biting?

The Rise of 'Convergence' Science

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WASHINGTON -- Advances in medicine and biotechnology -- from the sequencing of the human genome to the development of small chips to detect cancer in the bloodstream -- were driven largely by scientists coming together from diverse disciplines to work on common problems. But a blue ribbon panel said here Tuesday that these advances also signify something larger: the creation of a new model -- dubbed "convergence" -- in which engineering and physical sciences, among other disciplines, join forces with the life sciences.

'Judging Edward Teller'

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Hungarian-born physicist Edward Teller was among the great scientists of the 20th century, but his legacy is, at best, a checkered one. Made famous by his work on thermonuclear weapons -- Teller is known as the "father of the hydrogen bomb" -- Teller gained notoriety when he testified against his former colleague J. Robert Oppenheimer in the hearing that ultimately cost Oppenheimer his security clearance. Teller continued to embroil himself in controversy -- generally pertaining to thermonuclear weapons and other defense issues -- throughout his life.

'Tough Love' Budget for Science

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WASHINGTON -- Federal money for science research would continue flowing next year under President Obama's spending plan for 2012, which was released Monday.

Wary (and Inevitable?) Embrace

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Science and religion, at odds for centuries, can -- and may be bound to -- find common ground, say speakers at AAAS session.

Inoculation Against Stereotype

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New research suggests that female students in STEM fields may be more likely to stay in the disciplines if they are taught by women or exposed to women who are succeeding. (And male students may benefit, too.)

MIT Again Reviews Status of Women

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University finds substantial progress since its landmark study on barriers faced by female professors -- but significant challenges remain.

The American Model

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As Hong Kong moves to the 4-year bachelor’s, its youngest university revels in chance to add general education, and become more like U.S. institutions -- serving as example for China.


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