A Holocaust Denier Resurfaces

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Tenured Northwestern professor enrages many by backing claims of Iran's president.

Quality vs. Quantity in Engineering

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Some experts fear debate over emerging technology workforce in Asia is based on poor analysis -- and may discourage American students.

The Technology Mosaic

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Harvard announces plan to create engineering school as Stanford and others join push toward interdisciplinary work.

Student Plagiarism, Faculty Responsibility

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Ohio U. inquiry finds "rampant" academic misconduct by graduate students -- and holds professors accountable.

Overlooked Again -- Community Colleges and Science

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NSF panel members are stunned to find impact of community colleges in producing math and science graduates.

Mastering Engineering

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Requiring graduate study in the field would round out students' education, a scholar argues. But would it turn many away?

Putting That Science Degree to Work

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Science and engineering students appreciate their degrees even decades later.

New Ideas for Ph.D. Education

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State officials hear about -- and encourage -- non-residency programs and efforts that combine faculties at two universities.

BMW Professors

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Auto company not only finances exceptionally lucrative endowed chairs at Clemson, but interviews all finalists.

We Regret to Inform You...

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As NASA has moved money away from science, some researchers have lost money and young talent virtually overnight.


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