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A collage of many faces.

Faces of the FAFSA Fiasco

The botched rollout of the new federal aid form is more than just a policy failure. It’s a human crisis. Inside Higher Ed’s “Faces of the FAFSA Fiasco” tells the story of the students behind the numbers.


Training Future Doctors to Be Health Equity Advocates

Many doctors don’t address the nonmedical social conditions that determine patients’ health outcomes. A growing number of medical schools are focused on changing that.

A sign reading “Free Tuition” is situation on a pile of money in front of an ivy-clad wall.

Is Financial Aid the New Affirmative Action?

Many highly selective colleges are pumping up their financial aid offerings. With race-conscious admissions out of the picture, it may be their best bet for diversity.

Six college students carrying backpacks and books walk on a campus.

Report: Exploring the Differences in First-Gen Demographics

New data from Common App evaluates definitions of first-generation students and the impact any parental education can have.

A woman carrying a backpack walks outside on a college campus

Report: How Colleges Can Contribute to Rural Pathways for Careers

New research from Jobs for the Future identifies strategies higher ed leaders can implement to help learners from rural communities pursue postsecondary education and higher earning opportunities.

Two female university student friends in their dorm bedroom are studying together while sitting on the bed

Research: Understanding the First-Gen Experience

A qualitative study from a Virginia Tech researcher identifies five themes in the lived experiences of first-generation students in a scholarship program and five recommendations to better support them.

A picture of the book cover next to a picture of the author.

The Joys of ‘Leading From the Margins’

Hollins University president Mary Hinton discusses her new book, about how her identity as a Black woman from the rural South shaped her approach to college leadership.

A student wearing a backpack walks in a field.

The Economic Returns of a Rural Education

A recent report argues rural-serving institutions offer meaningful benefits to their students, including quicker times to degree and lower prices.