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People demonstrating, holding signs saying "On Strike," with a Columbia College Chicago sign on the building behind them.

Columbia Chicago Faculty Strike Hits One-Month Mark

The uncommonly long walkout by part-time instructors at the arts-focused institution is roiling not just them but students and their full-time peers.

A photograph of a teacher teaching German.

Foreign Language Enrollment Sees Steepest Decline on Record

The MLA’s new census shows plummeting class head counts far outstripped the general student enrollment decrease. Korean continued its rise, while Western European languages further shrank.

The word "conflict" spelled out in wooden blocks, with other wooden alphabet blocks strewed around.

Teaching Conflict, Not Violence

In teaching about the Middle East, a framework from the French psychologist Charles Rojzman can help engage students in conversations characterized by conflict, not violence, Pamela E. Barnett writes.

Cornell Grad Student Workers Overwhelmingly Vote to Unionize

Cornell University graduate student workers have voted 1,873 to 80 to unionize, the National Labor Relations Board announced last week...
A robot holds a painting and offers it to a man in a suit. In the background, another man is sitting on the floor with his head in his hands.

Art Schools Get Creative Tackling AI

The rise of ChatGPT and visual AI platforms like Midjourney and DALL-E have some artists crying foul when it comes to fair use. But art institutions transformed by the digital revolution see AI as the logical next step. 

Side-by-side photographs of people, a few wearing red, marching and holding up signs saying, among other things, "On Strike."

Part-Time Faculty Members Strike at Columbia College Chicago

The part-time faculty union launched a walkout Monday, sending strong demands to both the institution and its own members.

Carthage Profs Censure Leaders Over Teaching Load Increase

Carthage College’s full-time faculty members have overwhelmingly censured their president, John R. Swallow, and their provost/executive vice president for operations...
A jigsaw puzzle of a human brain, completed with just one piece in the center missing.

A Call for Cognitive Kindness

Drawing lessons from cognitive psychology, we must transform our courses and university structures to be more kind to students’ minds, Karen Yu writes.