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Ep. 122: Voices of Student Success: Tech Solutions for Student Mental Health

COVID-19 spurred investments into digital solutions for health and wellness of students, but are they successful?

Higher Education Leaders on Their Priorities for the New UK Government

What will the UK’s new Labour-led parliament mean for university funding, research impact, international student flows and free speech on campus? Two higher education leaders share their perspectives on the challenges ahead.

Cross-Cultural Communication in the International Classroom

Whether it’s teaching creative writing and media in a multilingual course or providing future doctors with clinical communication skills, two experts share tips for connecting with students and bridging language and culture divides.

Ep. 121: Voices of Student Success: Institutional Change for Black Student Success

A new program at Sacramento State University aims to celebrate Black excellence and history, elevating student outcomes. 

Ep. 120: Moving Beyond Transfer to Improve ‘Learning Mobility’

This episode examines how how learning is recognized across institutions.

Sudan’s Civil War: A New Haven for Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda may be exploiting a weakness in an African state in crisis. In today’s Academic Minute, a Student Spotlight, American University’s Sara Harmouch explores how. 

Patterns and Gaps in Award-Winning LGBTQ Children’s Books

LGBTQ children’s books are now on the shelves, but do they tell the full story? In today’s Academic Minute, Fitchburg State University’s Wendy Keyser says there is more to explore.

What Does the UK Election Mean for Higher Education?

Does the UK general election offer a ray of hope for the beleaguered university sector? Two higher education policy experts give their take on what university leaders can do to make a case for the sector and how a new parliament might tackle hot topics such as international students and research funding.