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Two people shake hands in front of a young woman at a table with books and papers

Partnering to Train Ph.D.s to Teach

Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria and Nicholas Papas describe the powerful synergy that can occur between scholarship-oriented students at universities and community college faculty with practical teaching experience.

A quilt square created by one of the author's students. One of the squares shows the Star Wars logo.

You Can’t Tell a Quilt by Its Cover

Laura Skandera Trombley reflects on the artful stitching together of a first-semester first-year seminar.

Woman holding pencil as tall as her beside an equally tall smartphone where she's checked off various tasks

Credit Where Credit Is Due

David Galef explores the true motives of students asking for extra credit and the results of instructors giving it.

Robot hands typing on a computer

The Trouble With AI Writing Detection

Elizabeth Steere recommends instructors be aware of the messages students are receiving and the types of tools they are using to rephrase AI-generated text.

Profile of three heads with colorful cogs above them and a man's outstretched hand putting a lightbulb on the first head

Where Does the Thinking Happen?

Johann Neem explores why academe needs discipline-specific responses to ChatGPT.

Bright yellow lightbulb sitting on a sea of blue question marks

The Question-Centered Course

It can remind students how the process of inquiry can be meaningful and enjoyable for its own sake, writes Andy Tix, and even help them determine their life direction.

Photo of a computer, headset and pad with pen

Improving Students’ Research Skills

Justin Robertson describes an experimental class project that introduced students to a new way of conducting interviews and applying what they learned.

Diverse group of four students sitting together and working on a computer

3 Ways to Improve Student Group Work

Throwing students into groups without an accountability system rigs such work against them, writes Christina Katopodis, but we can transform it by thoughtfully structuring it in equitable ways.