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blue and orange eraser with shavings as if something has been rubbed out, like a letter or two

Ungrading for Hope

Tony Perman shares four key benefits and how, at best, ungrading helps create a classroom community that can take a semester’s journey in tandem.

Human hand writing in script while a robot hand types on a laptop

Anatomy of an AI Essay

How might you distinguish one from a human-composed counterpart? After analyzing dozens, Elizabeth Steere lists some key predictable features.

Young woman walks through Central Park in New York


Our students have been drifting away, Helen Kapstein writes, but we want them to drift back to the mindset of being challenged and challenging.

Mother using smart phone while with her baby in a baby carrier

We See You, Student Parents

Alex Rockey recommends eight principles for transforming academic access for them through mobile-friendly courses.

View looking over shoulder of young instructor facing a classroom of seated college students

Beyond the Research

Michel Estefan offers a roadmap for helping graduate student instructors cultivate their distinct teaching style.

Robot and students in class; one student stands with robot in front of a blackboard pointing at a geometric shape as if teaching the robot

Using AI to Help Students Teach in Order to Learn

By changing ChatGPT’s system prompt, we can create content misunderstandings that students can correct, write Joel Nishimura and Anna Cunningham.

Student sits at desk taking notes from a book, computer open by her side

Staged Assignments & Long-Ass Prompts

After years of trying to convince students it was in their best interest to start their research papers early, Zachary Nowak simply required them to.

Clear jar with a heart on the front full of variously colored sticky notes

Put Your Teaching Evaluations in a Jar

You can just ignore them, or you can take some positive steps to ensure that they will push you forward in your teaching, writes Constanza Bartholomae.