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A hand holds a large phone and a digital graduation cap looms above the phone. Surrounding the digital cap are hexagons with various icons, including a light bulb and “ABC.”

Digital Wallets Explored as Next Generation Transcripts

Adoption has started as employers and students place more value on skills. Meanwhile, plans for free, open-source wallet technology are picking up steam.

A man is on a stage standing behind a podium. There is a background behind him with “2024 UPCEA” emblazoned on blue and orange.

Seeking Tech Antidotes for Enrollment Cliff

New approaches using personalized learning, microcredentials and AI were in the air at the annual UPCEA conference.


In Our Short-Term Credential Era

Three ways states can ensure strong investments, policy design and equitable outcomes.

The blue and white cover of the 1983 report from the United States National Commission on Excellence in Education, "A Nation at Risk."

The Imperative for Workforce Pell

Anthony P. Carnevale argues short-term Pell Grants are key to fulfilling the decades-old promise of gainful employment.

Two sides of a U.S. quarter, lying flat against a white background.

CBE and Skills-Based Hiring: 2 Sides of the Same Coin

The rise of competency-based education responds to the growing demand from employers for skills-based hiring, Jillian Klein writes.

A square with rounded corners colored with a changing gradient that starts red and pink on the top left and changes to purple and blue on the bottom right. On this background are the white letters "T," "H" and "E." To the right of the rounded square, black text reads "Times Higher Education."

Universities Follow Student Interest in Social Media With Courses

East Carolina University, once attended by MrBeast, YouTube’s highest-paid content creator, is among institutions seeking to serve the growing industry and creating training programs.

Instructure to Buy Parchment, a Credentialing Platform

Parchment, a digital transcript and credential platform, will be acquired by Instructure, which makes the learning management software Canvas, for...
Caltech admissions changes transcript

No Calculus? No Problem at Caltech

With many high school students lacking access to key STEM classes, Caltech and other technology-focused institutions are exploring admissions alternatives.