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Black Agency in the Creation of the Modern World

The Black Atlantic revolution in historical understanding.

A student researcher discusses her poster with a faculty member

Campus Engagement Tip: Create an Experiences Hub

A centralized site allows students to identify open research opportunities and other experiential learning activities, decreasing barriers to participation for all students.

USC Postdoctoral Scholars Unionize

University of Southern California postdoctoral scholars have “resoundingly” voted to unionize, the new union announced Monday. The vote, held Thursday...
A photo illustration including a photograph of Charles J. (Chuck) Cooper with text from the Stop WOKE Act superimposed over his face.

Florida Argues It Could Stop Professors From Criticizing Governor

A nationally prominent conservative lawyer, hired to defend the state’s Stop WOKE Act, asserted that what public university professors say in classrooms “is the government’s speech.” The national implications for academic freedom could be dire.


Can We Trust Social Science Research?

Issues of bias, credibility, politics, reliability and reproducibility.

Stanford Misinformation Group to Keep Going Despite Reported Cuts

The Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), one of the largest academic groups investigating misinformation, is pledging to continue its work following...
Woman working in a lab

Women Make Global Gains as Researchers, but Gaps Persist

A large-scale global study found that while the number of women in academic research is growing, STEM fields remain dominated by men.

A silver-toned photo of a gleaming, modern empty science laboratory.

The Uncertain Future of Private Research Universities

The growing share of research costs covered by institutions risks making the private research university business model unsustainable, Robert A. Brown writes.