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Whither American Studies?

Is there still a place for the interdisciplinary, holistic study of American culture in an age of globalization?

Nontenure Track Harvard Lecturers and Researchers Unionize

Nontenure track employees who teach or conduct research at Harvard University voted last week to unionize, creating a new bargaining...
A woman stands in front of a university campus with text overlaying her image.

‘Weaponization of Plagiarism’ or Rigorous Standards Behind Provost's Ouster?

Anonymous tips about inaccurate citations on the CV of Clayton State University’s first Black female provost led to her firing. Some observers believe the complaints were motivated by more than earnest concern for academic integrity.


The Activist Academy

A new era of engaged scholarship and teaching.

A photo illustration of silhouettes of men transposed over snippets of anonymous complaints against scholars and diversity, equity and inclusion officials.

Black Scholars Face Anonymous Accusations in Anti-DEI Crusade

Since right-wing firebrand Christopher Rufo helped bring down Harvard’s president, at least seven more scholars—most of them Black—have confronted accusations of plagiarism or research misconduct spread by conservative media.


It’s More Important Than Ever to Invest in Research Communication

Sharing big ideas in easy-to-understand ways can help academics and their colleges and universities expand their reach into the public sphere.

‘Nature’ Investigation Examines How Research Fraud Case Unfolded

An investigation by the journal Nature into the retraction last year of major research findings by a physicist at the...