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A screenshot of UCI MAPSS data training for personnel.

Creating a Data Culture Through Professional Development Training

The University of California, Irvine, created a certificate program to teach digital literacy skills to campus community members with the hope of improving student outcomes.

Preparing for Our New AI Workforce in Higher Education

The rapid development of Generative AI has opened the possibility of far more efficient and cost-effective use of technology to assume roles currently performed by people.

A group of students sit, all wearing virtual reality headsets. They are in a classroom and in a square formation with their desks.

Virtual Coffee, Ice Cream Shops Help Students Learn Business

Business schools are moving beyond case studies or site visits and utilizing virtual reality in classrooms to help students master supply chain management.

Ep. 110: Underemployment of College Graduates: How Concerned Should We Be?

Half of all graduates don’t work in jobs that require a bachelor’s degree. What can institutions do to best prepare their students for work?

Higher Education is Most Trusted Source to Handle AI

While the public remains cautious of artificial intelligence (AI), most trust higher education institutions to use AI responsibly, according to...
Robot hands fill out a sample college application

The (AI) Counselor Is in

AI-powered college advising tools promise to free up time-strapped counselors and “democratize” admissions expertise for less-privileged high schoolers. Will they?

A hand holds a large phone and a digital graduation cap looms above the phone. Surrounding the digital cap are hexagons with various icons, including a light bulb and “ABC.”

Digital Wallets Explored as Next Generation Transcripts

Adoption has started as employers and students place more value on skills. Meanwhile, plans for free, open-source wallet technology are picking up steam.

Three Questions on Academic Innovation for U-M’s Mike Daniel

A conversation with the University of Michigan’s Center for Academic Innovation senior director of policy and chief operating officer.