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A woman on a flotation device in a body of water working on her laptop.

Professors Plan Summer AI Upskilling, With or Without Support

Academics seeking respite from the fire hose of AI information and hot takes launch summer workshops. But many of the grass-roots efforts fall short of meeting demand.

Ep. 97: Promoting Student Well-Being in Today's Learning Environments

A discussion of the special challenges and strategies for the growing numbers of students who are studying fully or partially online.

Education Department Issues Recommendations on AI

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology released a new report, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching...
A computer-generated image of a lecture hall filled with people looking at a screen that shows the text "AI and Robotics"

Colleges Race to Hire and Build Amid AI ‘Gold Rush’

Cue the bulldozers to make room for hordes of new AI faculty. But computer scientists willing to teach are in short supply, and innovation’s trajectory is rarely predictable.

Professor to Students: ChatGPT Told Me to Fail You

“I will not grade this chat Gpt shit,” Jared Mumm, an agricultural sciences and natural resources instructor at Texas A&M...

ChatGPT: A Different Kind of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting often flies under the radar, but it’s not that different from using AI; both exist in an ethical gray area.

A visualization of AI, with information coming in one side and coming out the other in an orderly fashion.

Admissions Offices, Cautiously, Start Using AI

They are divided about what to do about ChatGPT, but that doesn’t prevent some of them from embracing AI.

An illustration of a person inserting a gold coin into a black box labeled "ROI," with multiple coins coming out of the box's other side.

College Going Is Changing; We Need Better Data

As demand for short-term credentials rises, we need better, more systematic data on the return on investment, Joe May and Mark Schneider write.