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Public University Trustees Should Serve the Public Good

Governor Glenn Youngkin was right to veto legislation that would have undermined accountability.

Equal Opportunity Insecurity, Regardless of Race or Gender

An essay on being aware of one's weaknesses was marred by a focus on diversity, not humanity.

How Presidents Could Take the Lead on Antisemitism

When students shout down a campus speaker, leaders should step up.

Mischaracterizing a Vote on Antisemitism

Resolutions, like the one at UNC-Chapel Hill, can do more harm than good when they lack precision. 

Campus Protests and the Middle East

Debate continues over dueling op-eds about how to understand student protests.

Scholar Activism Doesn't Require Taking Sides

Scholars should be scholarly and professors professorially, despite differences in our points of view.

Why the House Targeted Those 3 Presidents

The presidents of MIT, Harvard and Penn called on the carpet about antisemitism are all women and all relatively new. Coincidence? Hardly. They were marked.

Our Chance to Break from Convention

To produce more graduates in tech fields, colleges must change how they think about educational delivery and the faculty role.