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A photo illustration consisting of a cellphone in someone's hand and a microphone, with a red slash through both of them. Superimposed on top are words from University of California, Los Angeles, professor Susanne Lohmann's audio-recording ban.

Giving an F for Recording Classes, Even for Students With Disabilities

A UCLA professor whose classroom hosts contentious debates says she’ll fail any student who records. She says it’s a matter of academic freedom. But does federal law allow it?


Redefining Disabilities

Moving beyond the language of deficits and deficiencies and finding strength in difference.

A graduate smiles from her wheelchair.

Supporting Students With Disabilities in Degree Attainment

Students with disabilities in higher education are less likely to graduate and land full-time employment after college, compared to their peers. A new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office highlights solutions colleges can take to better aid these learners.

Students participate in a Career Ready Bootcamp project at RIT

Creating Career Pathways for Neurodiverse Students

Community colleges are increasing the number and scale of programs designed for these students and are becoming the training pipelines that connect them to employers.

The book cover for 'Uncharted: How Scientists Navigate Their Own Health, Research, and Experiences of Bias,' edited by Skylar Bayer and Gabi Serrato Marks.

Doing Science With Disabilities

Scott McLemee reviews Uncharted: How Scientists Navigate Their Own Health, Research, and Experiences of Bias.

A close-up of an hourglass sitting on a desk; behind the hourglass a person's hands rest on a laptop.

The Prejudicial Logic of Productivity

Discrimination against disabled faculty members is often dismissed because it’s linked to the academy’s deeply entrenched values around productivity, Sandy Sufian writes.


ChatGPT as an Assistive Technology

ChatGPT has tremendous potential as an assistive technology for faculty and students with ADHD, Maggie Melo writes.

In an AI World, Let Disability Access Lead the Way

The rush to impose new barriers to prevent cheating with AI could disproportionately hurt students with disabilities, Martin Stanberry, Jack Bernard and Joseph Storch write.