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Students walk on Illinois Tech's campus during orientation week

Program Innovation: Training the Trainer

A mentorship and support program for up-and-coming student leaders helps boost students’ academic and interpersonal skills as well as student success metrics.

Students sit at computers and a group of students sits at a table together within the Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity at USC.

Funding Student Success: Psychoeducational Evals for Academic Accommodations

At the University of Southern California, students who may not have a diagnosed condition or a current evaluation to share may request free testing to help qualify for needed course accommodations through an effort funded by donations and grants.

Students walk on Georgia State's campus on a sunny day.

Success Program Launch: Building a Transfer Center

Georgia State and the National Institute for Student Success reorganized personnel and established a new workflow at the university to improve the transfer process.

Adult teacher talks with a student

Academic Success Tip: Engage Students in Real Talk

A pilot initiative at SUNY Oneonta encourages vulnerability among instructors in the classroom, helping students to see their professors as people and seek help.

Ep. 121: Voices of Student Success: Institutional Change for Black Student Success

A new program at Sacramento State University aims to celebrate Black excellence and history, elevating student outcomes. 

A small group of four mature adult students sit together at a long desk as they study with one another. They have textbooks and laptops out in front of them as they take notes and talk.

Student Voice Survey: The Academic Experience   

Students rate their educational quality highly while signaling ways to improve their academic experience in newly released data and analysis from our annual survey of college undergraduates.

Adult male teacher teaching student during a class at computer lab

Survey: How Are Profs, Staff Using AI?

As artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into teaching and learning, college instructors and student success professionals share how they’re using generative AI.

Close-up of a teacher's hand holding a paper while they talk to a group of college students in a lecture-style hall

Teaching Tip: A More Strategic Syllabus Day

Rather than reviewing syllabus material, instructors can consider these five ideas to implement on the first day of class to promote students’ engagement and academic success.