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Side-by-side photographs of people, a few wearing red, marching and holding up signs saying, among other things, "On Strike."

Part-Time Faculty Members Strike at Columbia College Chicago

The part-time faculty union launched a walkout Monday, sending strong demands to both the institution and its own members.

An empty conference room table.

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Board

The ignorance-to-arrogance continuum, the bright shiny object syndrome and more: David P. Haney identifies five dysfunctions common to small private college boards.

Carthage Profs Censure Leaders Over Teaching Load Increase

Carthage College’s full-time faculty members have overwhelmingly censured their president, John R. Swallow, and their provost/executive vice president for operations...
Two hands exchange money in front of a black-and-white photo of the Brown University campus.

2 Ivies Will Up Their Municipal Payments. Is It Enough?

Nonprofit universities often pay the towns that host them in lieu of property tax. Students say selective institutions with big endowments should do more.

A photograph of a buliding on Gallaudet University's campus.

Conflicting Numbers Fly in Gallaudet Faculty Pay Quarrel

At the historic institution for the Deaf and the hard of hearing, faculty members and the administration are painting very different pictures.

A redbrick building on Gettysburg College's campus.

Tenured Faculty Raises Alarm as Gettysburg Eyes Fewer Adjuncts

The Pennsylvania liberal arts college recently made headlines for closing its literary journal. Professors say they now fear more cuts.

A photo illustration of eight lecterns of different colors pointing at one another.

Promoting Academic Freedom, from UChicago to… Hamline?

Free expression debates continue at universities. And when traditional institutions don’t back speech, others, such as Heterodox Academy and Jordan Peterson's new venture, step in.

A photo illustration combining a photo of Robert George, a light-skinned man with light hair, with a megaphone and an illustration of students protesting.

A Speech About Free Speech Is Shouted Down

Robert George, an advocate for allowing diverse views on campuses, was interrupted by students protesting his stances on LGBTQ+ individuals.