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Report: Cost of College, Stress Pushes Students to Consider Stopping Out

New survey data identifies trends among students who left college and those who are still enrolled but seriously consider leaving.

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Student Wellness Tip: Address Sexual Assault on Campus Comprehensively

To promote a safe and health campus environment, college leaders provide sexual assault prevention education.

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Student Wellness Tip: Encourage Students to GYLIO

Higher education practitioners can help students stay organized and academically prepared by pushing them to spend time doing nothing but getting their lives in order.

While attending college away from home, a seemingly frustrated young adult female sits with the counselor to talk about her emotions.

Student Wellness Tip: Encouraging Faculty, Staff to PRACTICE Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

An administrator at Indiana University at Indianapolis works to engage faculty and staff in student-centered care through a new actionable and memorable framework.

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Decision and Resource Tree Aids in Supporting Student Mental Health

One document colleges and universities can create to help faculty and staff respond to students’ wellness concerns is a resource tree that includes relevant details to guide referrals.

Students smile in front of a poster that features the LIFT logo and reads “LIFT, Living Intentionally, Finding Togetherness”

Listen: Creating Community in Collegiate Recovery Program

An administrator from Florida State University shares how her institution prioritizes students’ physical health and student success through investing in peer-led and supportive interventions.

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Report: Mental Health Impacts Community College Persistence

A working paper from University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University researchers identifies key themes in the challenges learners at two-year institutions face and how it impacts their enrollment and degree progression in the first year.

Students sit on the lawn at Marymount University in Virginia on a sunny day

Grad Students Provide Free Counseling to Community, Gain Experience

Starting this spring, Marymount’s master’s in counseling and doctoral students can earn work experience through a free counseling clinic for the public.