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An empty waiting room with blue chairs

Student Wellness Tip: Making Counseling Centers More Inviting

To promote help-seeking behaviors and encourage students to utilize mental health resources, physical spaces in college counseling centers or campus facilities can reflect feelings of comfort and safety.

Cropped shot of a woman using a smartphone to order a cab in the city at night

Student Wellness Tip: Keeping Students Safe After Dark

College leaders and students have developed solutions to provide safe rides for learners on or near campus.

An overwhelmed student sitting in a library staring at his laptop

Lack of Awareness, Targeted Services Limit Online Students’ Mental Health Care

A new survey from Uwill and the Online Learning Consortium found campus stakeholders believe there is a need for more tailored support for online learners to benefit their well-being.

Woman wearing backpack shops through a secondhand store

On-Campus Thrift Stores Benefit Planet, Students’ Wallets

College students can think green by donating to and shopping at on-campus clothing pantries, saving money for themselves and their peers.

Faceless professional psychologist taking notes on clipboard while counseling woman on couch in office

Program Innovation: Creating Counseling Capacity for Student Success

For institutions with limited resources looking to support students without hiring staff, experts offer four opportunities for scalable programs.

A college student stands in a poorly lit room with hood on her head and hand over her face, looking embarrassed.

Changing the Needs Conversation: Taking the Shame out of Getting Something to Eat

Students with food insecurity often feel shame in seeking assistance, but taking three actions can help reduce and remove this feeling for students, write Jennifer A. King and Michelle Lambert of Kent State University.

Young man focusing on his phone while other students pass by

Limited Data on Effectiveness of Online Mental Health Offerings for College Students

A new study evaluates nine common digital mental health interventions to gauge their effectiveness in supporting students—and finds that, across the field, there is little significant research on interventions in general or on specific tools.

A student wears a pride flag on their graduation mortar board.

Survey: LGBTQ+ Students at Higher Risk of Mental Health Crisis

New data from national organizations finds queer students are more likely than their peers to experience emotional distress, suicidal ideation and loneliness. Here are some practical ways higher education can address these issues.