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Latest G.I. Bill Studies Show Institution Type Influences Veteran Outcomes

Two new reports on the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill show that veterans who use their benefits to enroll at private nonprofit...
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Locking In a FAFSA Deadline

A House committee advanced a bill to mandate the FAFSA be released by Oct. 1 going forward. Democrats and higher ed advocacy groups are split over the proposal.

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The College Board’s FAFSA Takeover

The embattled Federal Student Aid office enlisted executives from the nonprofit to help launch next year’s aid form. Is it a necessary shake-up or an ethical blunder?

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Rules Banning Transcript Holds, Expanding Overtime Now in Effect

A suite of new regulations governing higher education took effect Monday. Here’s what you should know about the key measures now in place—and the legal challenges they face.

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Supreme Court Decision Weakens Education Department

After the justices struck down a 40-year precedent last week, experts warn of chaos for higher education amid doubts about the future of Title IX and gainful employment, among other policies.

Colleges Anticipate Financial Repercussions of Transcript-Withholding Ban

While the federal ban on withholding most college transcripts, which goes into effect on July 1, is welcome news for...
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‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ on FAFSA

After this year’s disastrous launch of the financial aid form, federal officials say next year’s version will be out on time and with fewer problems. College financial aid professionals are skeptical.

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Federal Judges Put Biden’s New Loan Repayment Plan on Hold

Two federal judges on Monday dealt different blows to the administration’s generous income-driven loan repayment plan. What does that mean for borrowers awaiting relief?