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New York State Capitol in Albany

N.Y. Lawmakers Set Sights on Expanding Tuition Assistance Program Eligibility

Legislators are optimistic about bipartisan support for the proposal, which would also increase grant amounts, but they’re keeping cognizant of a looming $4.3 billion budget gap.

Front of the Department of Education building

Biden Administration to Take Another Swing at Accreditation Rules

Negotiations next spring will address state authorization and the definition of distance education but won’t consider use of third-party servicers.

A gavel sits on a pile of one-hundred-dollar bills

‘Good but Slow Start’ for a New Pathway to Student Loan Discharges

A year after the Biden administration announced a new system to provide student debt relief via bankruptcy, the process remains clunky and mired in uncertainty for borrowers—while government officials say it’s been a success.

A women holding am Israeli flag protests a ceasefire demonstration

Will the Feds Strip Colleges’ Funds Over Anti-Jewish, Muslim Bias?

Pulling federal money from colleges would happen only after a long, complicated process. For the Education Department, it would be a “nuclear option.”

Calculator displays the word FAFSA

End-of-Year FAFSA Launch Could Cause More Delays, Headaches

Colleges and universities will face a tighter timeline to get students their financial aid offer letters, and students will have less time to make decisions.

Virginia Foxx, a light-skinned woman with white hair wearing a red top under a black blazer, walks in a hallway.

Reforming Higher Education, One Bill at a Time

House Republicans want a long-overdue update to the Higher Education Act, but they favor a piecemeal approach, starting with how colleges report foreign gifts and contracts.

Front of the Department of Education building

Judge’s Order Complicates Education Department’s Borrower-Defense Program

For-profit DeVry University won’t have to pay nearly $24 million to the U.S.—for now—thanks to a court ruling that could hamper the department’s plans to make colleges that mislead their students pay up.

Hand puts up stop motion blocking another hand from reaching a piggy bank

Proposed Welfare Rule Change May Alter State Scholarship Funding Practices

Some states were using welfare program funds intended for low-income parents on scholarships or grants for middle- and high-income students without children.