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Forget the Failure CV

Researchers and other scholars need instead a shadow CV to highlight systemic inequalities, Cyrena Gawuga writes.

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How Much Do Students Pay to Attend Your Class?

Calculating the specific amount might make you—and your students—reconsider how you approach class time, writes Justin Shaffer.

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Landing a Mission-Oriented Job Beyond Academe

Many Ph.D. students struggle to identify such positions outside the professoriate, writes Jocelyn Frelier, who recommends a few key questions to help get started.

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The Invisible Burdens We Carry

Lauren Easterling explores how much one should share about their personal challenges in a job search and the workplace.

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Disclosing Your Disability in Grad School

Karly Ball and Rachel Elizabeth Traxler explore three key options to consider.

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Avoiding Hecklers, Badgerers and Hijackers

Toni M. Whited offers advice for navigating an active research seminar culture and preventing audience rudeness during presentations.

Illustration: Students in five or six groups engaging in a variety of learning activities

Unlocking Students’ Experiential Intelligence

Helping students tap into the assets gained from their lived experience helps them develop essential mind-sets and abilities for their future success, write Soren Kaplan and Lindsay Godwin.

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Building Pathways to the Presidency for Women

Pamela L. Eddy explores the combination of factors that must be considered to remove the obstacles.