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Four diverse people sit around a table, while one man stretches out a hand to welcome another

Initiating New Campus Leaders

A new dean must work to understand the programs they’ll lead, but those they supervise should reach out to help educate them as well, write Steve Baule, Ray Martinez, Joel Traver and Rhea Walker.

Man sits working on computer in middle of network of hubs

Helping Faculty Increase Their Research Impact

Publicly sharing research with future readers and collaborators can significantly increase publication and presentation opportunities, writes Christine Tulley.

Bored and listless students in a lecture hall

The Uncertain Future of Class Discussions

As instructors, we are still examining how student engagement, which plummeted after the pandemic, remains in question even today, writes Douglas L. Howard.

chart with two arrows in a bull's-eye, an upward pointing arrow and a bell ringing

The Trouble With Strategy

Given all the changes wrought by technology and the pandemic, a college leader needs to rethink strategic planning to ensure their institution thrives in the future, writes Peter Eckel.

A robotic hand touches keys on a computer keyboard

How Not to Sound Like a Robot

Katie Homar advises how to craft effective emails during your job search that don’t seem so formulaic that ChatGPT could have written them.

White woman listening with focus to a Black woman as they sit in chairs together

Dear White Faculty, We Must Do Better

How did you support Black faculty’s flourishing today, Jenn Stroud Rossmann asks, given the prevalence of bias, invisible labor and other challenges that they regularly confront?

Woman holding baby in a front carrier stands before office door. The baby is, adorably, dressed as a bear.

A Not-So-Silent Crisis

Too often motherhood seems incompatible with academe, and colleges should actually do something about it, writes Irina Popescu.

Globe sits on top of open book on top of another book

Why Faculty Members Should Be Expert Tour Guides

Students don’t have the time to explore the enormous amount of information bombarding them and achieve the learning outcomes they need, writes Susan Hibbard.