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Person climbing up to top of the highest of six blocks, where someone stands with a flag and reaches out to pull the person up to the top. Other people are doing various office activities below.

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted. Now what?

As a senior team member, don’t ignore the benefits of newness that an appointee from the outside would have, write Laurie Fenlason and Jenn Desjarlais.

Man standing a top of five steps holding a briefcase and a flag and looking jubilant

What Do You Need to Reach a New Career Stage?

It’s important to know the specific competencies required, write Jovana Milosavljevic Ardeljan, Mark Kaloko, Connor Ferguson and Tithi Basu Mallik.

Young Asian woman outside classroom building talking into microphone held by someone off-camera

Why and How to Become a Public Scholar

As academics, we are concerned with data and assessing outcomes, writes Angel M. Jones, but are we truly measuring the impact of our work?

Cyborg man standing in front of a black (green) board and holding a pointer as if teaching a class

How Open Should Teachers Be About Using AI?

A lot has been written about the impact of AI on student work, but relatively little has focused on the role it should play for instructors, writes Steve Baule.

Hand dropping coins in a piggy bank that sits on top of books, with a mortar board and globe nearby

Tips for Writing More Fundable Grants

Grant writing has been singled out as a crucial marker for promotion, but many scholars don’t know how to do it effectively, writes Betty S. Lai.

A multi-ethnic group of college-aged students sit in a row in a lecture hall and listening to and apparently enjoying their professor whose back is turned to the camera.

Love Them More; Care Less

When a class goes well, you can’t take too much credit, and when it goes badly, you can’t take too much blame, writes Rachel Toor.

Open book with lightbulb sitting upright in spine area with bright mortar board inside; it is surrounded by floating slightly ghostly images of books, upward graphs, and other icons of education and work

Transforming Doctoral Education for the Future of Work

Roshni Rao and Tyler Sluder describe how experiential learning, interdisciplinary collaboration and advanced technology can prepare Ph.D.s to thrive.

Silhouette person in front of a chart trending upward stands before boardroom of stylized silhouettes of people around a table

Presidents Can Help Boards Think Strategically

Boards are asking a host of questions about the future, and college leaders must help guide them to answers, write Peter Eckel and Cathy Trower.