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McCarthyism and Moral Panic

Policing of language among those who should uphold the university as a vital democratic space for debate has led to paranoia and anxious conditions, writes Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt.

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U.S. Business Schools’ Talent Pipeline Problem

Over time, the missing population in the faculty ranks could well be professors from America, which will lose an edge in the research and teaching of best business practices, writes Jennifer Nahrgang.

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Chairs Hold the Key to Higher Ed’s Success

The chain of action required to turn institutional policy into real change is broken, writes Don Chu, and a new management model focused on professionalized and empowered department leaders is called for.

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Coping With the Challenge of Constant Change

How can make our work each day effective, Jaynie C. Mitchell asks, when we aren’t sure how the end of that day will shift our journey from where we started?

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How Best to Use AI in Job Searches

Ketan Marballi describes how to make the most of technology like ChatGPT and applicant tracking systems without losing your own voice in your application documents.

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Indecision About AI in Classes Is So Last Week

Professors and administrators from five major public universities provide advice on how to get moving ahead with AI in the classroom right now.

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Reconfiguring the Ph.D.

William Acree describes his university’s attempt to introduce a new, highly transdisciplinary cohort model for incoming graduate students.

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Transforming Challenged Academic Units

When a unit becomes dysfunctional, leaders may recognize the problem but not know where to begin to resolve it, write Jacob J. Ryder, C. K. Gunsalus, Elizabeth A. Luckman and Nicholas C. Burbules, who offer specific approaches that can help.