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New Regulations Will Impact Graduate Enrollment

L. Maren Wood predicts four consequences of the U.S. Department of Education’s efforts to hold institutions accountable for their programs’ costs and alumni career outcomes.

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What Leadership Programs Should Offer

Jacob J. Ryder, C. K. Gunsalus, Elizabeth A. Luckman and Nicholas C. Burbules describe the combination of practical tools and principled grounding that is key to creating successful experiences.

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Crafting Institutional Statements Amid Conflict

They offer the choice between unity and division while underlining the responsibility of administrators to uphold core values and foster inclusivity, writes La’Nita Johnson.

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What’s Your Professional Hero’s Journey?

Linda Louie describes how to tell a great career story to potential employers and others in the midst of trying to make a pivot.

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Creating Community Among Grad Students

Based on their experiences as student organizers, Ryan S. C. Wong and Bayleigh Smith offer recommendations to both institutions and students about effective approaches.

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Can Scholar Leadership Rescue Academia From Obsolescence?

Fatimah Williams details how cultivating leadership among faculty not only leads to individual and institutional success but also ensures higher ed makes a positive societal impact.

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

David Galef explores the true motives of students asking for extra credit and the results of instructors giving it.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Jaynie C. Mitchell shares lessons learned firsthand about surviving the uncertain, uncomfortable feeling that comes with each new opportunity as you change jobs or careers.