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How I Failed My First Presidency

Reflecting on his previous performance before leading a new institution, Chato Hazelbaker sees three key areas for improvement.

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The High Cost of Tolerating a Toxic Employee

Inaction is not an option, writes Jenny Silver. It’s magical thinking to believe that unprofessional behavior will simply disappear without intervention.

Professional woman wearing a suit stands in front of mirror examining her reflection, in which she is also wearing a cape like an action hero

The Delicate Balance of Authentic Leadership

The public’s growing awareness of inauthentic messages and actions leaves almost no room for missteps, writes Amy Kristof-Brown.

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Elevating Staff Voices in Higher Education

Christine Moskell offers lessons she’s learned about how colleges can tap staff members’ expertise and harness their full potential.

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Avoiding Trip Wires

Marisa Quinn has compiled a list of dos and don’ts for newly appointed college and university leaders to consider while preparing for their positions.

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How to Think About Mergers—and When

In an open letter, Paul Katz, Barry Sagraves and Joe Cerreta advise on how presidents can—and immediately should—begin to navigate a changing environment.

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Singing the Presidency

R. Barbara Gitenstein describes the leadership skills she learned studying to be an opera singer that she's applied as a top administrator.

Young professionally dressed woman speaks to group of students with books

Succeeding as a Gen Z Leader In Higher Ed

Megan Finlan advises how to manage and connect with a student team as an administrator when you just recently graduated yourself.