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Teaching for Tomorrow’s Employment Landscape

Preparing undergraduates for the jobs of the future.

Present-Day Lessons From the Early 1970s

How the early 2020s mirror and diverge from the early 1970s and what we might learn from the similarities and contrasts.

Bob Dylan’s Ongoing Journey

What the Nobel Prize-winner’s career reveals about the wellsprings of artistic creativity.

Whither American Studies?

Is there still a place for the interdisciplinary, holistic study of American culture in an age of globalization?

Campus Conundrums

Critical reflections on some of higher ed’s hottest topics.

Anti-Colonialism and the College Curriculum

To address the legacies of slavery and colonialism, read Maryse Condé and Frantz Fanon now.

Building Bridges, Not Walls

How to fuse a more inclusive education for global citizenship with a genuine fluency with Western art, history and philosophy.

The Activist Academy

A new era of engaged scholarship and teaching.