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Whither American Studies?

Is there still a place for the interdisciplinary, holistic study of American culture in an age of globalization?

Campus Conundrums

Critical reflections on some of higher ed’s hottest topics.

Anti-Colonialism and the College Curriculum

To address the legacies of slavery and colonialism, read Maryse Condé and Frantz Fanon now.

Building Bridges, Not Walls

How to fuse a more inclusive education for global citizenship with a genuine fluency with Western art, history and philosophy.

The Activist Academy

A new era of engaged scholarship and teaching.

Turmoil in the Academic Melting Pot

Striking a balance between campus free speech, academic freedom, diversity, inclusion and the values underlying a liberal education.

The Erosion of Ritual in Modern Life

Navigating a world without formal ceremonies and rites of passage.

Guilt, the Most Powerful Human Emotion

Feelings of guilt and the path to redemption.