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The Benefits of Student Swapping

Without it, wealthy students would just enroll in the flagships in their home states, making no more room for low-income students.

A cartoon drawing depicts four people engaged in different extracurricular activities, ranging from sports, to music, to volunteering, to student media: one holds a soccer ball, one a guitar, one a cat and one a newspaper.

Reconsidering Extracurriculars in Admissions

To increase equity in admissions and reduce student stress, colleges should consider reducing the number of extracurricular activities applicants can list, Pearl Lo writes.

Two people walk under a columned passageway that says Santa Fe Community College

Leveling Off at the Bottom

New data show enrollments have largely stabilized after the pandemic nosedive. But recovery remains elusive, and demographic shifts threaten to keep it that way.

A man with light brown skin and dark hair wearing a business suit

Are Payoffs to Get Your Kid Into College Legal?

Ruling by federal appeals court in the Varsity Blues cases that went to trial suggests that in some cases, they may be legal.

Jewish students at Brown University share a meal in a park as the sun sets.

Jewish Student Enrollment Is Down at Many Ivies

Jewish students are enrolling less at many of the Ivies and going to a broader range of institutions than before.

Students walking around on the campus of University of Southern Maine.

An Enrollment Boost and Decline

Enrollment boomed at Maine community colleges after state lawmakers instituted a temporary free college program—but it declined at University of Maine system institutions.

On a cold day the students are climbing up the steps towards the university entrance, everyone wearing coats and carrying backpacks containing their education books

For Direct Admissions Pioneers, It’s a Good Year

In the first year in which many colleges participated, it appears to have been a success. Augsburg gets more minority applicants and more men.

College Board to Change AP in African American Studies

the College Board announced Monday that it would make changes in the controversial new offering in African American studies. The...