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The outlines of Wisconsin and Georgia, with a yard sign in the middle that reads "you're already admitted"

Direct Admissions Spreads, State by State

From Georgia to Wisconsin, state university systems are adopting the experimental policy, hoping to boost enrollment and reach new students.

A woman in a lab coat looking at a beaker of blue liquid, surrounded by piles of documents

Do ‘Women in STEM’ Programs Violate Title IX?

Civil rights complaints against initiatives for women in male-dominated STEM fields are piling up. But it’s not clear that such programs are actually illegal.

Scores of N.Y. Colleges Waive Application Fees in October

During the month of October, students applying to public as well as private colleges and universities in New York will...
A Vanderbilt University campus building, surrounded by leafy trees.

Oh, Vandy

Vanderbilt’s criticism of the U.S. News ranking methodology is tone-deaf at best, Jim Jump writes.

The exterior of Kirkland Hall on the campus of Vanderbilt University. The building is the oldest on campus dating from 1874.

Why New ‘U.S. News’ Rankings Are Flawed

The new methodology downgrades measures of academic quality while relying on misleading metrics for affordability and career outcomes, Daniel Diermeier writes.

Robot hands fill out a sample college application

Admissions Offices Deploy AI

Even as fears of robot-generated admissions essays abound, colleges are increasingly using AI in application reviews, raising new possibilities and ethical concerns.

A calendar with the word FAFSA? written on it, covered in red markings

Waiting for FAFSA

A major overhaul to the federal student aid form delayed its launch at least two months. That means headaches for everyone from financial aid officers to applicants.

VCU Will Guarantee Admission to Eligible Students

Virginia Commonwealth University announced Wednesday that it will guarantee admission to applicants in the top 10 percent of their high...