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Four people stand behind a table with the words "the Evergreen State College" on a banner

Teacher, Adviser, Researcher… Recruiter?

Plummeting enrollments at Evergreen State College put deep cuts on the table. When the faculty volunteered to help recruit new students, the tide began to turn.

A football player in a red jersey and helmet throws a football across a field of other players as a crowd looks on

Seeking an Enrollment Hail Mary, Small Colleges Look to Athletics

As enrollment challenges compound for small liberal arts colleges, some are betting big on new athletics programs, hoping they’ll result in new tuition revenue.

A man in a red shirt talks to a man in a black shirt in a high school hallway

Recruiting to Campuses Far, Far Away

Demographic shifts and funding woes have led a diverse and growing array of colleges to hire recruiters who live and work hundreds of miles from campus. Is it worth it?

Three Black people touch the names on a slave memorial.

Affirmative Action Is Dead. How About Reparations?

As colleges reckon with the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban, some see an opportunity to return to the policy’s early roots: reparations through admissions.

The flags of China and India, unfurled next to one another.

The ‘Fourth Wave’ of International Student Mobility

COVID effects, shifts from China to India, protectionist policies, and growing attention to employability and retention are all factors that will likely impact international student recruitment over the next decade, Ragh Singh writes.

The interior of a bus full of smiling high school students heading to University of South Alabama for a tour.

The College Tour That Comes to You

The University of South Alabama has hit on a new recruitment strategy: send the president on a bus to pick up high schoolers for a campus tour.

Students walk down the sidewalk on a tree-lined college campus

Early Application Data Are Rosy, if Complex

Applications this fall rose 41 percent over pre-pandemic levels, buoyed by a big upswing in minority applicants, according to preliminary data from the Common App.

A college campus

Kansas Colleges Briefly Drop Application Fees

More than 50 colleges and universities in Kansas waived their application fees this week as part of a state initiative...