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The spare black and white cover of Svend Brinkmann’s book, “Thing: In Defense of a Thoughtful Life.”

In Defense of the Thoughtful Life

fsvScott McLemee reviews Svend Brinkmann’s Think: In Defense of the Thoughtful Life.

The book cover of Carl Öhman’s “The Afterlife of Data: What Happens to Your Information When You Die and Why You Should Care.” The cover features an image of a human skull against a red background.

Between the Living and the Dead

Scott McLemee reviews Carl Öhman's “The Afterlife of Data.”

The book cover for Jason Blakely's "Lost in Ideology: Interpreting Modern Political Life" features yellow lettering against the background of a black and white maze.

Lost in Ideology

Scott McLemee reviews Jason Blakely’s Lost in Ideology: Interpreting Modern Political Life.

A frontal view of the U.S. Supreme Court building, with its eight columns.

Before the Court

The Supreme Court looms large in this spring’s university press releases, Scott McLemee writes.

The book cover for Tobias Becker’s "Yesterday: A New History of Nostalgia" features a pastel-like cloudy sky blending into a sandy ocean beach.

Good Old Nostalgia

Scott McLemee reviews Tobias Becker’s Yesterday: A New History of Nostalgia.

The book jacket for Dipesh Chakrabarty's "One Planet, Many Worlds: The Climate Parallax."

‘One Planet, Many Worlds’

Scott McLemee reviews Dipesh Chakrabarty’s One Planet, Many Worlds.

The book jacket for Chip Colwell's "So Much Stuff: How Humans Discovered Tools, Invented Meaning, and Made More of Everything."

We Are All Hoarders Now

Scott McLemee reviews Chip Colwell’s So Much Stuff.

A collection of book jackets for the books discussed in the accompanying review.

Politics and Beyond

Scott McLemee looks ahead to university press releases forthcoming this spring.