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Every brain needs music book cover

‘Every Brain Needs Music’

Scott McLemee considers music and the neurons that love it.

The cover of Unwired by Gaia Bernstein

Getting ‘Unwired’

Scott McLemee reviews Gaia Bernstein’s Unwired: Gaining Control Over Addictive Technologies.

Susan Burgess' LGBT Inclusion in American Life: Pop Culture, Political Imagination, and Civil Rights (NYU Press)

‘LGBT Inclusion in American Life’

Scott McLemee reviews LGBT Inclusion in American Life by Susan Burgess.

Couch, Clinic, Scanner

Scott McLemee reviews David Hellerstein’s The Couch, the Clinic, and the Scanner: Stories From Three Revolutionary Eras of the Mind.

An Encouraging Nature

Scott McLemee rounds up upcoming university press titles focused on science, medicine and the natural world.

A Studied Ignorance

Scott McLemee reviews Peter Burke’s Ignorance: A Global History.

Evergreen With Envy

Scott McLemee reviews Robert A. Schneider’s The Return of Resentment: The Rise and Decline and Rise Again of a Political Emotion.

Of Hobbitology

Scott McLemee interviews author Robert T. Tally Jr. on J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit: Realizing History Through Fantasy: A Critical Companion.