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A photo of people walking on Bacone College's campus.

Struggling Bacone College Could Soon Lose Its Campus

The campus is headed to the auction block over unpaid bills. The small college, which serves many Native American students, may be forced to go online or close.

Survey: Pay Equity Lags for Higher Ed Administrators

Though the number of women in higher education leadership roles has increased since 2002, pay equity hasn’t kept pace, according...

Harvard Under Investigation for Response to Antisemitism Allegations

Harvard University is the latest college facing a civil rights investigation over its handling of alleged harassment of Jewish students...

HBCUs Increase Black Students’ Likelihood of Graduating

A recent report from the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University suggests that the type of college where...
Three Black people touch the names on a slave memorial.

Affirmative Action Is Dead. How About Reparations?

As colleges reckon with the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban, some see an opportunity to return to the policy’s early roots: reparations through admissions.

A Black woman in a white lab coat and goggles holds a beaker of blue liquid.

Black Scientists With STEM Ph.D.s Face Deep Disparities

A new report finds they disproportionately carry large amounts of student loan debt, among other disparities faced by STEM doctoral grads of color.

Communication Association Apologizes for Blocked Gaza Speech

The National Communication Association’s Executive Committee said last week that the “events leading up to the censoring and dismissal ”...

UF President, Ex-FAU Contender Argue Over Israel-Nazi Post

One former Republican politician who now leads a Florida public university is criticizing a current GOP politician who was floated...