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The University of Arizona’s student athlete support center on a sunny day

Positive Partnership: Librarians Support Student Athlete Academics

University of Arizona librarians partnered with an athletics support program to help students hone their research and writing skills.

The South Arkansas College men’s basketball team huddles before a game.

Success Program Launch: Preparing Student Athletes for Life Beyond Sports

A development program at South Arkansas College helps men’s basketball players consider their path after their athletic career.

NCAA Agrees to Stop Limiting Athletes From Transferring

Under an agreement with the U.S. Justice Department, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has agreed to stop restricting athletes’ rights...

NCAA, Major College Leagues Reach $2.7B Settlement on Player Pay

The amateur era in big-time collegiate athletics, long in decline and increasingly dated, is officially dead. Or at least it...
A basketball hoop in an empty stadium.

NCAA, Heal Thyself

Any real reform in college sports needs to start with autonomy for the major programs and conferences, Josephine R. Potuto and Brian Shannon write.

Busting Brackets and Silos

Lessons from Duquesne on leveraging the impact of athletics and coaching leadership on brand awareness, during March Madness, or anytime.

A photo of the back of Caitlin Clark wearing her University of Iowa basketball jersey

The NCAA Women’s Basketball Champion, if Brains Beat Brawn

An Inside Higher Ed annual tradition since 2006: the Academic Performance Tournament. And the winner is …

A close-up photo of a Black athlete’s hand holding a basketball, against a black background..

The Exploitation of Black Athletes

As March Madness begins, let’s acknowledge the racial exploitation behind college sports, Christian Collins writes.