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Multiethnic group of high school or college girls talking together on campus outdoors in summer or spring season.

Success Program Launch: Scholarship and Support for Native American Learners

Starting in January, Salt Lake Community College will waive tuition for all Native students enrolled at the institution, regardless of part- or full-time status.

A tangle of lines goes through a computer screen with a brain and dollar sign on the monitor, coming out of the monitor in all straight lines.

How AI Could Address Financial Aid Office Woes

As the offices struggle to give students consistent information about loan repayments and the FAFSA delay, some institutions turn to AI to help.

Close-up of a young woman using calculator, laptop and analyzing documents

Scaling Up: Expanding Financial Wellness Education

Officials at Indiana University place special attention on financial knowledge to support students in paying for their postsecondary education and to improve persistence among learners.

A group of four young Asian or Asian American women of diverse ethnicities standing in an academic building.

Making a Case for Race-Based Scholarships 

Race-based scholarships are a proven way to address systemic inequality, Noël Harmon writes.

Student thinking about dollar sign and graduation cap

Weighing Perceptions Against Realities of Going to College

A new poll of high school students found that cost has a significant influence on the college they attend, but so do perceptions about the experience they’ll have there.

Picture of $100 bill, but Benjamin Franklin is wearing a graduation cap

In ‘Buyer’s Market,’ Tuition Increases Haven’t Outpaced Inflation

The College Board’s 2023 “Pricing and Student Aid” report shows that average published tuition and fees increased this year, but the increase was less than the rate of inflation.

A map of the U.S. with money pouring out of the U.S. Capitol dome

Overhaul of Financial Aid Formula Will Boost Pell Grant Eligibility

A new report by the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association estimates nearly 220,000 more students will qualify under the pending new federal aid formula.

A graphic with the word "scholarship" in a cloud-shaped bubble, against the background of a desk, with a keyboard and school supplies visible in the background.

Designing Scholarships With Intention

Choices in scholarship design and administration can determine whether scholarships open doors for students or (unintentionally) close them, Krista Chronister and tia north write.