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Austin Community College graduates walk to their ceremony on May 17, 2024, in Cedar Park, Texas.

Funding Student Success: Scholarships for Completion

Two-year-degree seekers at Austin Community Colleges will receive financial support to cover their last term of tuition, part of a larger strategy for free tuition at the district.

AFT Launches Push for Academic Freedom, Job Security, College Access

The American Federation of Teachers, of which the American Association of University Professors is an affiliate, is launching a $1...
$100 bills fall from the sky, against a white background.

Imagining a Financial Aid Portal

Jim Jump considers the virtues of a financial aid portal to match students wanting more aid with the colleges that want them.

Two incarcerated students wearing masks look at a laptop with classmates talking behind them.

The State of Higher Ed in Prisons a Year After Pell Restoration

A new report by the Vera Institute of Justice marks one year since the return of Pell Grants to incarcerated students and analyzes how programs can improve.

A person in a T-shirt and glasses holds two mini buildings with dollar signs over them

Financial Aid Timelines Sway Student Enrollment

A new report shows the importance of aid offers in college decisions—not just amount but also timeliness and clarity, two factors hampered by the FAFSA debacle.

Photo illustration of a student sitting at a desk in a classroom filling out a FAFSA form

FAFSA Fiasco Pushes States to Mandate Universal Completion

Some feared the bungled rollout of the new federal aid form would halt momentum for state completion requirements. It appears to be doing just the opposite.

An assortment of wooden blocks that spell "FAFSA."

The FAFSA Broke Me

Burned out and overwhelmed, a financial aid director asks how many aid administrators will leave the field.

CBO Predicts no Pell Shortfall in 2024 Because of FAFSA Issues

The Pell Grant program is expected to run a $11.4 billion surplus for the fiscal year, the Congressional Budget Office...