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Join us for live, virtual events like our popular Leadership Series, as well as free live and on-demand webcasts about hot higher ed topics and featuring thoughtful experts from our advertising partners. To learn about partnership opportunities, email [email protected] today.

Times Higher Education's World Academic Summit 2022, in partnership with New York University, will bring together some of the world’s most influential leaders and researchers to discuss where higher education is headed and how it will contribute to these multiple trajectories at the individual level of student success, at the institutional level of pedagogical and research excellence and relevance, and at the sector level of meeting the needs of society and being viewed as a crucial player in a post-pandemic world.

Times Higher Education's Campus Live US is a unique, new event, brought to you by the teams at Times Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed. This event unites senior administrators from a wide range of positions across US institutions, to take on the sector’s shared challenges, and provide tailored content, resources and networking opportunities to suit specific roles and responsibilities across the campus.

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Upcoming Webcasts

The Engaged (and Supported) Professor | Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 2PM ET

Tune in to hear deep dive report author Kristi DePaul and Inside Higher Ed Editor Doug Lederman discuss the newly-released deep dive report, "The Engaged (and Supported) Professor," which examines the increased recognition for faculty support and development and the steps institutions, departments and individual professors can take to ensure faculty success.

Cybersecurity in Academic Research | Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at 2PM ET

Colleges and universities face severe challenges in preserving a secure research environment. In the last two years, news outlets, including Inside Higher Ed, have reported a surge in ransomware attacks, causing significant operational and financial costs to the targeted institutions. Tune in for this important webcast, where Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman will explore topics such as cybersecurity efforts and recent high-profile attacks in higher ed, the specific security challenges colleges and universities face and measures that appear to be limiting cyber hacks.

The Evolving Faculty Affairs Landscape | Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 2PM ET

This webcast, featuring hosts Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman, will explore articles and essays from Inside Higher Ed's newly-released compilation, "The Evolving Faculty Affairs Landscape," covering the shifting terrain for higher education faculty members and, by extension, the colleges and universities that strive to keep those instructors as engaged, productive and satisfied employees.

2022 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors | Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 2PM ET

Inside Higher Ed will host a free webcast, featuring Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman, to discuss this year's survey of college and university admissions directors. The webcast will explore the survey findings around topics such as affirmative action, legacy admissions preferences, new approaches to admitting students and top goals for the next academic year.

Measuring the Value of Higher Education | Thursday, October 20, 2022 at 2PM ET

Questions about the worth of a college degree have long been the subject of discussion and debate. To some, the answer is a simple ROI question. But others argue for a range of tools to measure the value of higher ed. Join Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman, as they discuss the articles and essays in the newly-released compilation, "Measuring the Value of Higher Education," which examines the efforts of the Gates Foundation, and of other groups to judge the value of higher ed.

Past Webcasts

Strategies for a Holistic Student Experience | Available On-Demand

Student mental health is one of the most difficult and pressing issues facing colleges and universities today. Having largely ignored the issue for years, but now in the wake of the pandemic, higher education must develop a holistic approach to engage and retain its students. This webcast will examine how institutions can better ensure all students have the support and opportunities they need to thrive inside and outside the classroom. Hear from current higher education professionals about their research on this topic and the strategies they are finding that foster a culture of student wellbeing on campus.

Preparing Professors for a More Digital World | Available On-Demand

This webcast will feature Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman, who will discuss news and opinion articles featured in the newly-released compilation, "Preparing Professors for a More Digital World," which examines the current landscape for digital innovation in higher education and the faculty role in enabling it. Topics that will be further explored in the webcast include faculty and student perspectives on technology’s role in learning, new initiatives aimed at strengthening faculty preparation for new modes of teaching and advice for campus leaders about best practices.

2022 Survey of College and University Business Officers | Available On-Demand

A majority of respondents in Inside Higher Ed's 2022 Survey of College and University Business Officers express optimism about their financial situations even as enrollments and revenues decline, federal recovery aid wanes and inflation looms. Join Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman to go deeper into the survey's key findings to shed light on how business officers have viewed challenges facing higher education in the U.S. this year.

Community College Success: How Are Some Community Colleges Attracting More Students and Increasing Graduation Numbers, Counter to the Prevailing Trends | Available On-Demand

Hear Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman share their analysis and thoughts about current community college student success efforts, including the projected enrollment at community colleges for Fall 2022; direct and indirect implications for higher ed as a whole if enrollment decreases continue for the long-term; common hurdles that have kept completion rates low and remedial needs high for a large portion of community college students and innovative strategies that community colleges are now exploring.

The Future of Expense Management | Available On-Demand

Inside Higher Ed is hosting a live, interactive webcast featuring Co-founder and Editor Scott Jaschik and Reporter Josh Moody to discuss a variety of high-profile spending decisions at several colleges and universities, the considerations these institutions took into making them and whether these cases point to broader shifts down the line for managing institutional expenses.

How to Move the Needle on Student Success Next Semester | Available On-Demand

Join Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman to discover how some higher ed institutions have effectively prioritized student success. This webcast will look at specific policies that have successfully changed college completion and graduation rates. Attend this webcast to help your institution continue innovating in the coming months and years.

Educating and Supporting the Whole Student | Available On-Demand

Join Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman, as they discuss the news articles and essays in the collection, "Educating and Supporting the Whole Student," which explores the multiple ways that institutions, instructors and staff members changed their policies, practices and approaches to meet students’ noncognitive needs and help them develop as fully as possible.

Insider Exclusive Webcast | The Developing Picture of Higher Ed's Fall Enrollment | Available On-Demand for Insiders Only

In this live, exclusive Insider webcast, join Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman to explore initial higher ed application and acceptance rates, along with early and broad enrollment projections for this coming fall. Designed for higher education leaders, this webcast will help you evaluate and benchmark your institution's admission season and plan for your classrooms this fall.

2022 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers | Available On-Demand

Inside Higher Ed’s newly-released "2022 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers" found most provosts indicate that the academic health of their institution is either good or excellent, and that changes made during the pandemic have not negatively impacted the academic quality of their institution. No provosts indicate that academic health is failing at their institutions, and 54% rate it as good. Join Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman to explore this and other key findings from the survey during a free webcast on Wednesday, June 8, at 2PM ET.

Digital Teaching and Learning | Available On-Demand

Few issues in higher education today capture as much interest as digital teaching and learning. Join Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman for a free webcast on Thursday, June 9, at 2 PM ET. They will discuss how student expectations have changed about when, where and how they want to learn. Additionally, they will share the innovative ways colleges and universities are improving and expanding remote learning and specific ways some faculty members are incorporating technology into their pedagogy.



Upcoming Webcasts

How the Great Resignation is Impacting Higher Education | Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 2PM ET

Higher education isn’t immune to current employment trends like the Great Resignation or Quiet Quitting. When it comes to attracting and retaining your top talent, listening, understanding and acting on employee feedback has never been more critical. Join us for a panel discussion with subject matter experts from across higher education to learn more about why employee experience matters in higher education, key employee trends impacting higher education and steps to improve employee engagement on your campus.

Post-Pandemic Enrollment Strategies and Tactics | Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 2PM ET

The past few years have tested the resilience of virtually every industry. For higher ed institutions, the tests have come in the form of new educational models, decreased enrollment, greater internal resource constraints and more. During this webinar, you’ll learn about case studies from a range of national colleges and universities on post-pandemic marketing and recruiting strategies, specific tactics and lessons to reach new markets and promote better enrollment and retention results and how institutions are adopting technology to maximize financial and student success on campus.

Past Webcasts

The State of Academic Operations & Student Success | Available On-Demand

How do institutions run their academic processes such as managing curriculum changes, publishing the course catalog and projecting academic program demand? How do inefficiencies in these processes impact students? Learn how other institutions are tackling these issues based on results from two of AACRAO’s recent surveys. Coursedog CEO, Justin Wenig and AACRAO’s Director of Research, Dr. Wendy Kilgore will walk participants through the survey results and key trends uncovered.

Certificate Design in Half the Time | Available On-Demand

How to effectively approach diversity and inclusion in the workforce has been a long sought-after challenge for corporate executives and organizations. To meet this important need, the University of South Florida created a free certificate program focused on ways organizations can create a more diverse workplace as well as address equity issues and foster inclusivity. The response was astounding. Despite having no marketing budget, the team far exceeded its goal of a few thousand participants and garnered more than 135,000 participants. Join us for a free webinar, where you'll hear from the team members behind the certificate program on how they brought together the program's various components -- the curriculum, marketing and technology -- all in record time.

Data-Driven Integrated Planning: Methodologies in Action | Available On-Demand

Join us for a webcast to hear Dr. Christopher Davis, Vice President of Academic Services and Quality at the University of Maryland Global Campus and Dr. Douglas Masterson, Senior Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness at the University of Southern Mississippi, share their approaches to integrated planning and its role in higher ed today. They’ll also discuss best practices and lessons learned associated with their own integrated planning evolution and its impact on operational efficiency and student learning. Finally, they’ll share the challenges they encountered along the way, and what’s next for integrated planning at their institutions.

Global Partnerships and Perspectives | Available On-Demand

Across the globe, countries are struggling to achieve economic recovery as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which exacerbated the deprivations targeted by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As higher education institutions have no immunity to their nations’ economic downturns, institutions across the globe are also developing programs and partnerships to recover. Hear from a diverse panel to discover innovative and impactful cross-border collaborations that advance both the SDGs and the goals of their institutions and organizations. Further, attendees will take away practical tips to assist them in developing global partnerships.

Advanced Analytics: Identify, Engage & Enroll Adult Learners | Available On-Demand

Shifts in demographics continue to challenge institutions eager to increase enrollment. While many strategies exist, increased attention is being placed on engaging adult learners—those interested in degree completion, supplemental education, professional advancement and lifelong learning. But how do you find best-fit adults for your programs? Advanced analytics might be the solution you're looking for. In this lively, moderated conversation, the featured speakers will share their insights on the nuances involved in capturing the attention of this specific audience and the best tactics to identify, engage and enroll eager-to-learn but hard-to-find adult learners.

Success Stories: Student Engagement, Social Strategy & More | Available On-Demand

The University of Southern California and Boston University’s social media and student engagement leaders use innovative social media, social listening and AI solutions to engage current and prospective students. Panelists will discuss how they communicate and support students across campus and across the country to help their institution achieve a range of critical goals.

How to Close Gaps in Your Education Experiences | Available On-Demand

Administrators need to take a holistic approach to improving student experiences on campus. Hear from experienced practitioners and solutions experts on how they are closing gaps in the education experience by understanding what matters most to students and taking action that delivers the greatest impact.

How an Automated Process Made Goodwin University’s LMS Migration a Breeze | Available On-Demand

In this live, interactive webinar, you’ll hear representatives from Goodwin University discuss the approach they took to successfully migrate to a new LMS platform, as well as lessons learned and advice for other institutions. If you're looking to equip yourself with strategies, best practices and tips to implement a new LMS campus-wide, join Kathy Jensen, Instructional Designer and Lisa Coolidge Manley, Director of Online Studies, to find out how you too can plan and execute a comprehensive LMS rollout for your institution.

Exploring Flexible Education Models for Student and Institutional Success | Available On-Demand

Join the Senior Director of Academic Technology Services from Portland State University and Logitech to discover how one of the nation's most innovative universities modernized its classrooms to support new learning models and adapted its administrative spaces to optimize hybrid work. We'll also introduce hybrid teaching and learning environments built upon research and workspace design to inspire institutional leaders on their digital transformation journeys.

Leveraging Authentic Student-Led Video to Drive Enrollments | Available On-Demand

While the most selective schools in the country continue to increase their market share, others are asking, “how do we stand out and attract students in this new era of competition?” Join enrollment experts from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business and Springfield College as they discuss how they successfully converted prospective students into enrollees through showcasing the unique dynamics of their campus communities via authentic, student-driven videos. 



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