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Colleges and the Vaccine Rollout

Campuses should be essential partners in all aspects of the vaccine rollout.

Higher Education and Michael Sandel’s ‘The Tyranny of Merit’

Higher ed is rightly focused on the problem of identity privilege. But what about the massive privilege conferred by a college degree -- and the ways in which that privilege is straining our democracy?

The Profound Connection Between Spirituality and Social Change

A need for people skilled in conversation to bridge the divide between spirituality and civic engagement.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Pillar of American Democracy

Revolutionary change is possible within America’s democratic processes.

A Radical Proposal for How Elite Higher Education Can Change America

For the next decade, the top 100 colleges and universities should only admit students with family incomes under $100,000.

Racial Justice and Interfaith Cooperation

Another opportunity for an interfaith coalition to come together and move forward together for a just world.