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Students work on a writing assignment in a classroom

Program Innovation: Painting Student Supports in a New Light

Colorado College staff created a new intervention to reframe student supports, encouraging all students to utilize services as part of the learning process.

More Protesters Arrested at UCLA

Two dozen protesters were arrested at the University of California, Los Angeles on Monday and told not to set foot...
A student walks down a path on a college campus in front of a row of columns

Affirmative Action Fallout Sours Donor Relations

The University of Missouri system is removing racial criteria from endowed scholarships, saying they run afoul of the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban. Donors feel disrespected—and some may be ready to go to court.

The 2023 cohort of New York City Bloomberg Arts Internship students watch a presentation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Scaling Up: Expanding Paid Internship Roles in the Arts

An internship pipeline for rising high school seniors will launch a pilot this summer to support current college students.

Ep. 117: Voices of Student Success: Counting Student Parents

Voices of Student Success, a series focused on student retention, engagement and graduation in higher education, takes over this week’s episode of The Key, Inside Higher Ed’s news and analysis podcast.

A robot hand holds a digitized globe against an orange background.

Divided Over Digital Learning

A new report finds that students are much less likely than their professors to favor in-person instruction, but far more inclined to use (and pay for) generative AI.

An overwhelmed student sitting in a library staring at his laptop

Lack of Awareness, Targeted Services Limit Online Students’ Mental Health Care

A new survey from Uwill and the Online Learning Consortium found campus stakeholders believe there is a need for more tailored support for online learners to benefit their well-being.

A young mother holds her baby in a lecture hall, with other students sitting around her.

Listen: Counting Student Parents in Higher Ed

In the latest episode of Voices of Student Success, listen to experts discuss the need for greater visibility into student parents in higher education through data collection.