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‘New Communism’ Group Disrupts Yale Professor’s Class

A group that advocates for the “new communism” disrupted a Yale University professor’s class Thursday. Nonstudent members of the Revolutionary...
Two young employees working together in grocery store.

Career Prep Tip: Helping Students See the Value in Summer Work

Research from a professor and staff member from the University of Pittsburgh shows an opportunity to help students connect how their work experiences provide them with professional skills.

Santa Rosa Junior College campus

California Offers Stipends to Financially Vulnerable Community College Students

A new pilot program gives students who were formerly incarcerated or in the foster care system, and some low-income parents, money to help pay their living costs.

The sculpture "Witness," which shows a towering, golden female figure with a judicial collar and thick braids resembling ram horns.

U of Houston Cancels Art Event for Sculpture Deemed ‘Satanic’

Antiabortion groups say the sculpture being exhibited on campus has “satanic” imagery and reflects the artist’s stance on abortion rights.

A group of students sit at desks, hands on the desk with eyes closed, practicing mindfulness

Scaling Up: Teaching Students Meditative Practices

A decade-old initiative at Cornell University empowers students to destress and reflect through meditation sessions.

A group of three students studying at a table with the help of a professor standing behind them.

The (De)Acceleration of College

The focus of student success initiatives should be support, not acceleration, John Schlueter writes.

A green background decorated with colorful sticky notes featuring affirmations such as "I am confident" "I am strong" "I am living with abundance"

Campus Engagement Tip: Create an Affirmation Station

First-year experience staff at Lander University established a space on campus for students to reflect on their week, engage with their peers and share positivity.

University of Maryland Suspends Most Fraternities and Sororities

The University of Maryland has ordered most fraternities and sororities on campus to stop holding social and recruitment events following...