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A single black chess pawn against a gray background.

Title IX Regs Treat Students as Political Pawns

Students are not well served by the political nature of ever-changing Title IX regulations, Chris Linder writes.

A male staff member helps a young male student on a library computer

Engaging Librarians in Student Success Work

On college campuses, libraries can serve as a hub and connection point for students. Staff, engagement spaces, campus partnerships and resources also support student success.

California state lawmakers and Sacramento State leaders smile for a photo in the state Capitol.

Listen: Celebrating Black Student Success and Achievement

In the latest Voices of Student Success episode, learn more about Sacramento State’s establishment of a Black Honors College and a statewide bill to recognize California institutions that help Black students achieve.

Voices of Student Success: Institutional Change for Black Student Success

Voices of Student Success, a series focused on student retention, engagement and graduation in higher education, takes over this week’s...
Students walk on Georgia State's campus on a sunny day.

Success Program Launch: Building a Transfer Center

Georgia State and the National Institute for Student Success reorganized personnel and established a new workflow at the university to improve the transfer process.

A photo illustration consisting of a cellphone in someone's hand and a microphone, with a red slash through both of them. Superimposed on top are words from University of California, Los Angeles, professor Susanne Lohmann's audio-recording ban.

Giving an F for Recording Classes, Even for Students With Disabilities

A UCLA professor whose classroom hosts contentious debates says she’ll fail any student who records. She says it’s a matter of academic freedom. But does federal law allow it?

An aerial shot of the USU Blanding campus

Student Wellness Tip: Create a Peer Support Network

Staff at Utah State University at Blanding employ students to educate and engage their classmates on culturally aware mental health and wellness topics.

Adult teacher talks with a student

Academic Success Tip: Engage Students in Real Talk

A pilot initiative at SUNY Oneonta encourages vulnerability among instructors in the classroom, helping students to see their professors as people and seek help.