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A photograph of a teacher teaching German.

Foreign Language Enrollment Sees Steepest Decline on Record

The MLA’s new census shows plummeting class head counts far outstripped the general student enrollment decrease. Korean continued its rise, while Western European languages further shrank.

Unrecognizable male student text messaging on mobile phone while on a break in the classroom.

Health Apps Serve as Student Wellness Maps

To make wellness content more accessible to learners, colleges and universities are investing in staff- and student-developed health applications.

An illustration showing four panelists who spoke a House hearing on campus antisemitism

House Republicans Blame DEI Programs for Rise in Campus Antisemitism

At a hearing Tuesday, Democrats disagreed—and said the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, facing budget cuts, needs more money to respond to the crisis.

A book cover featuring a woman wearing a graduation cap with a dartboard on it is juxtaposed next to a picture of Jessi Streib, a light-brown-haired woman with glasses.

Opaque Hiring Practices Create Income Equality

The author of The Accidental Equalizer discusses the “luckocracy” that results in students from disparate backgrounds earning similar pay after college.

Photo of a light-skinned woman and a light-skinned man in academic regalia smiling while holding a diploma.

Some Good News on Campus Veterans

There is progress amid the discouraging developments about the state of veterans on campuses, Wick Sloane writes.

President Chuck Seifert sits in a green golf cart with school mascot, Baloo.

All the Presidents’ Golf Carts

Several college and university presidents around the nation travel their campuses in golf carts. Institutional leaders explain the vision and practical benefits of doing so.

Black male student listens attentively to older adult giving guidance.

Report: Strengthening Community College Student Transfer

Research from the California Community Colleges system identifies four experiences that increase likelihood of transfer among African American students from a two-year to four-year institution.

Four people, three men and a woman. One of the men is wearing a priest's collar.

Universities Prepare to Launch 2-Year Colleges

The goal of the model, started at Loyola University, is to get low-income students to and through college with little to no debt.