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AAUP: DeSantis’s Florida Part of ‘Assault on Democracy Worldwide’

The American Association of University Professors released a report today saying Ron DeSantis’s words and actions “come from the same...
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Measuring Censorship Is Hard, and Stopping It May Be Harder

Censorship often comes from scientists themselves, driven by laudable motives, Musa al-Gharbi and Nicole Barbaro write.

Students protest Hamas-Israel war at the Indiana University campus in Bloomington

Pushback Against Lawmaker’s Calls for Antisemitism Inquiry

Many faculty members believe Congressman Jim Banks’s threat to withhold federal funding if Indiana University at Bloomington doesn’t investigate reports of antisemitism is a veiled attempt to limit academic freedom.

A photo illustration including a photograph of Jim Jordan, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee chairman, the front page of a recent interim staff report from his committee and partial quotes from the report.

Misinformation Research Plows Ahead—but So Do Political Detractors

Republicans’ ongoing lawsuits and House probes have buffeted those who study online falsehoods. Researchers say there’s been a “chilling effect,” but the work goes on.

Pro-Palestinian students protest at UCLA. One holds a sign that reads "neutral = pro genocide."

UC Faculty Oppose Plans for ‘Viewpoint-Neutral’ Middle East History

Some scholars found the idea of developing programming to ease on-campus tensions over the Israel-Hamas war an outrageous overstep by the system’s president.

A Professor Caught in the Middle on Israel-Hamas: Syllabus Podcast

This week’s episode of the Syllabus podcast, from the Office of Open Learning at American Jewish University and Inside Higher...
A photo illustration including a photo of Kendrick Morales and a quote from the Academic Freedom Alliance saying "Notably, student grades in Professor Morales's classes were altered by the senior administration without notice or consultation with Professor Morales."

Professor Says Spelman Raised Students’ Grades, Fired Him

Former tenure-track faculty member says the college inflated students’ grades and axed him after he complained. Some say that violates academic freedom.

Communication Association Apologizes for Blocked Gaza Speech

The National Communication Association’s Executive Committee said last week that the “events leading up to the censoring and dismissal ”...